Thursday, 28 May 2009

robert pattison

he is

kinda hot???

let me be specific.
he is kinda hot only in this picture

but this photo definitely deserves a thumbs up
kristen stewart is sooo freaking pretty. a little too intense for Bella but i love her non-hollywood star beauty but definitely beautiful.

Sorry for this super random post i just saw his picture and gotta blog about it.

about my twilight story

i'm not a fan of reading books that have major hype and is media obessed.
i tried a few books that made it into the big screen and was majorly disappointed with all of them.

i didnt wana become one of the victims of "fangirling"
queuing hours long to red-carpet events and autograph signings.
especially didnt wana be one of those girls screaming Edward/Robert's name and wanting to marry the dude.

But after months of resistance,
i finally succumbed and bought all 4books.

before diving into the books, i watched Twilight the movie once more.
then after 2nights of no internet, no break, no tv and plain non-stop Twilight reading i finished the series.

I'M NOW OF ONE YOU GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i'm dreaming and picturing the pale skin of Edward, his intense eyes and that velvet voice that puts all other guy in the world to shame.

and boy is Robert Pattison far from the Edward in the books.
but lets not be rough on the boy, there cant be a real Edward.

I will be waiting for all the other 3movies to be out.

New Moon will definitely be exciting with Taylor as Jacob and Dakota Fanning as Jane.

so thats it for my Twilight journey.

i will be back soon with a makeup haul and prob a few retail haul post ^_^ hehe



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