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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Birthday party

Last friday was both heaven and hell for me.
I had a long long long day at school, woke up bright and early 8am in the morning and classes only ended at 5pm late in the afternoon.

But my day did not end there, it is the birthday one of my mates in school and a long night of partying was in plan for the night. i was totally excited for it despite being physically and mentally exhausted from the long day at school.

i went home to grab an hour of sleep, bathe and got pretty up to go to the first party.
We booked a party room for us, about 30 of us went and it was a pretty nice place in Meguro ( near Shibuya)

How can it be a party without good ol Beer Pong

 i got there about 30mins late... because someone "Ilie" called me just when i was about to leave home to go get cake for the birthday boy. it was almost 8pm by that time, and we all know that the department stores (which is where i usually get cakes, because they're pretty and chic) closes at 8pm!! i flew my way down and grabbed a cake just in time.

me and cutie Maki~! she's the girlfriend of one of my school mates.
like my outfit? i love the statement necklace piece i got.

 Birthday boy (in white) with the boys
from left : Josh, Yugo, Shigeru, Birthday boy Albert, Keito, Shintaro

 and of course, me and the girls
from left: Rina, Irinka, Mirei, me, Maki

 me and the birthday boy~ he was pretty wasted by this time.
(you can totally tell by his expression). i on the other hand, was a good girl and stayed sober the entire night

 me and my other LCJ family! a bunch of school buddies came to celebrate as well.
from left: Suun, Mirei, Yuma, Ryoma (who shone with the light), me and Naoya(mr. tall, he's like 185cm!! or something)

 another shot~

a little montage made by Marky!
a ton of people came but i didnt get a shot of everyone :( but we had a great time nonetheless

I went on with the 2nd party which was heading out to Roppongi while some of the "younger kids" went home.
it was awesome! until..... the 3rd party ended.

I lost my freaking wallet!
long story short, i lost my wallet, someone took me wallet (freaking Louis Vuitton) and the cash inside
 BUT thankfully returned me my cards (Credit cards, student card, my japanese ID and all)
at least they had the heart.

I spend my weekend pretty much chilling at home watching anime, playing games and catching up on my manga reading. good weekend to myself. loved it!!!

Ferlyn Yoshimi

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Back in Japan september

何っていっても夏休み短かったな (・_・)もっと休みたいよぉぉぉ

I'm back in the land of Anime, manga and cute 2D bishounens & shoujos.

see the cute xiao long bao ショーロンポー at the Izakaya a couple of mates and myself was at yesterday

Thursday, 6 September 2012

wonder festival Summer 2012

Here's my edition of Wonder Festival Summer 2012.
I went with Danny to check out the event before we did the Wonhobby international broadcast on niconico that night.

to all of you guys who watched the broadcast, you guys were awesome! it was a blast chatting with everyone!

me and good ol Danny having ice-cream under the hot blazing summer sun of Japan!


Mirai Suenaga on display at the Good Smile booth!
remember to pre-order her!

Looks like everyone wants a piece of Mirai too~

Some Black Rock Shooter goodness


Haganai! which reminds me: SEASON 2 has been confirmed! moreeeee NIKU

Miku miku miku and more Miku

chibiko- SPIDERMAN

How bout chibi- IRON MAN

Miku and her friend Gumako come out for a photo session


Kawaii Sonico and friends

Some Mon-Hon goodnessssss\

heheh i want

I really like this Harley Quinn

oh yeah! Lost Christmas

the biggest and coolest thing in the hall:

Alright this is all i have! the rest of my photos were really bad and i dont wanna post them.
i might do another post on the broadcast itself~ but i'll be stealing all the pics from Danny anyway hahaha.

hope you enjoyed! Lets spend all our money on the moe-overload figures!!!!!

Ferlyn yoshimi

Sunday, 2 September 2012

singapore in the summer

Hey guys

i'm back in Singapore for a bit this summer and its nice to see all my friends and family.
spending quality time hanging out with loved ones is better than any gift anyone can give ( i think)

got back just in time for Natsu Matsuri
met a ton of my Japanese friends in Singapore and they're all grown up now (tears in my eyes)
i remember them as little 14, 15 year olds and now they're all 18.

Shiori, me, Miki, Yu

especially happy to see Miki again~ haven seen her in at least 2 years.
we've been friends for 7years now. (damn.. time flies)

i'm back only for a few days and daddy brought me to so many yummy places for nom noms.
had Bejing (peking) duck the other day. *Droolssssss*

summer seemed to fly by so quickly, it feels like yesterday was the last day of finals and here i am a few days away from the beginning of another semester.
with that being said, i am excited to head back to Tokyo on monday and start the new semester with my fam in school~

oh and i CANNOT WAIT for Autumn~ i love Summer but enough with the heat already! bring on the cool weather!

Ferlyn Yoshimi