Thursday, 6 September 2012

wonder festival Summer 2012

Here's my edition of Wonder Festival Summer 2012.
I went with Danny to check out the event before we did the Wonhobby international broadcast on niconico that night.

to all of you guys who watched the broadcast, you guys were awesome! it was a blast chatting with everyone!

me and good ol Danny having ice-cream under the hot blazing summer sun of Japan!


Mirai Suenaga on display at the Good Smile booth!
remember to pre-order her!

Looks like everyone wants a piece of Mirai too~

Some Black Rock Shooter goodness


Haganai! which reminds me: SEASON 2 has been confirmed! moreeeee NIKU

Miku miku miku and more Miku

chibiko- SPIDERMAN

How bout chibi- IRON MAN

Miku and her friend Gumako come out for a photo session


Kawaii Sonico and friends

Some Mon-Hon goodnessssss\

heheh i want

I really like this Harley Quinn

oh yeah! Lost Christmas

the biggest and coolest thing in the hall:

Alright this is all i have! the rest of my photos were really bad and i dont wanna post them.
i might do another post on the broadcast itself~ but i'll be stealing all the pics from Danny anyway hahaha.

hope you enjoyed! Lets spend all our money on the moe-overload figures!!!!!

Ferlyn yoshimi

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