Saturday, 8 August 2009

Hey Y'all

Thank you for all the well wishes
on my birthday a lil over a week ago.
I had a great birthday accompanied with even greater PRESENTS~~!!

with that off my chest, i know there hasnt been any updates ever since my birthday.
its been a lil crazy with everything going on.


and on a good note to that, i shall spam pictures here today!!!

7 th August Friday

My day started really early yesterday, i had work stuff to do in the morning.

though... i was dead tired and sleepy..
fought off the fatigue with loads of coffee.

Fresh face Ferlyn!!

In the morning, i wore a maxi dress with a crop top inside.


In the late afternoon after work, i met up with Julia and head over to Seri's place for some girl time.

Its been a really really really long time since Julia and myself last hung out.
It was really refreshing to just catch up on whats been happening and whats going to happen in the future for us.


My first time to seri's place, her place is way way far from mine. but singapore's small so whos to complain!
Seri is just a sweetheart
she's really inquisitive about everything and i love that. if you dont know, ASK!
and seri's definitely know how to ask

seri's starting on her journey to agejo fabulosity


I had an extra set of clothes i brought me with me yesterday,
so i changed out from day look to night look

for my day look, i had sweet natural red/pinkish lip stick on
and for night, i transited to プルプルセクシ唇 sexy nude lip with lipgloss.

we head over to Cinelesisure to grab dinner after we're all done at Seri's place.

First up, we had pasta at pasta mania.
( i haven had these in almost 5years!!)

desserts at shokudo
my 2nd time here.

for Kakigori!!

Take 1




(my eyes were half closed@_@)

Take 2




and the cam-whoring continues~~~~

That's Seri on the right!

Soon after that, it was already past-mindnight so we decided to head home.
i know... on a friday night right.

haha, well ju has her.. Ash (ughhh)-->*wink wink to Ju*, erm.. boyfriend.
and Seri has to go home because its too late and its not safe.

I had a blast with the girls and hope to do it again sometime soon.

Thats all i got for you guys now