Sunday, 23 August 2009

夏祭り Natsu Matsuri 09

Hey Y'all

I hope you guys had a GREAT weekend because I certainly did.
Very tiring weekend but its all worth it!!

22nd August

went over to Stan's place first and waited for him to get dress for the day

meanwhiles, while waiting for stan boy to get ready ...its time for some picture action


We got to the Japanese school close to 5.30pm and i got the best SURPRISE ever

Guess who

Its MIKI cyan!!!!!~~

(From left: Tomo-cyan, me and Miki-cyan)

I haven seen her in at least 3years~!! she's still the same girl just hotter and prettier now!
I'm escatic that we're still keeping in contact all these while and it was sooo good to see her again.

Miki-cyan's english is now perfect! like perfect perfect! 羨ましいよぉ~i wish i could be like her and learn things sooo quickly!!

Tomo-cyan on the left, is Miki-cyan's 幼なじみ childhood friend.

I met Tomo-cyan for the first time yesterday~~

Tomo-cyan is sooooo cute~~! she's the kinda girl that you would wana protect and shelter her from any danger. To top that off she has the cutest cutest english accent~~!! ^_^


and later.....

Miki-cyan introduced me to Maria-cyan and Risa-cyan, her juniors in her school.

From left: me, Maria-cyan, Risa-cyan

Maria-cyan Risa-cyan

They're both extremely young!! Maria-cyan is 14 and Risa-cyan is 13~~~~
i wish i could be that young #_#~~~ keep on dreaming Ferlyn.....

Both Maria-cyan and Risa-cyan are a bundle of bouncing balls.
Its refreshing to feel so energized around girls like them

I cant wait to see them again at Seiransai


Randomly, the UBER-CUTE


She's the sister of Miki-cyan's sister's friend. (try to get that!!! haha)

isnt she the CUTEST LITTLE THING!!!


My old classmates from high School~~

Weiqi and Ben~~~


Natsu Matsuri was exceptionally great this year thanks to all these wonderful girls.
there were many highs and lows throughout the day *wink wink* but i had a great time and thats what matters the most.

Have a great week ahead




  1. awwwn you loook soo cute
    love the hat :)

  2. Wow! Sounds like fun.
    I think everybody likes meeting friends :)
    You are so beautiful! Your clothes are gorgeous!
    I want to look like you!


  3. wow!
    u look gorgeous >u< and everyone in traditional clothing ^-^

  4. ~aniiita89~: thank you!!

    Aralka: It is super fun~!! i love my friends haha! i'm ok, but thanks for the compliments~~

    Annacleo: hehe thanks~~ ^_^. i know Yukatas are soooo cute~~!