Monday, 23 November 2009

AFA: Dancing trooper Danny choo + Moe Moe kyun

So.... Anime Festival Asia 2009 (AFA09) is over!!!!
Let's look forward to Anime Festival Asia 2010~~~!!!

Now that the event is over, i'll slowly blog about everything that went down over the next few days!

On Wednesday 18th november

3 of the MMK girls: Me, Miyake and Tomomi
did a TOKYO DANCE TROOPER filming with DANNY CHOO!!!
(Miyake's self proclaimed "husband")

Danny Choo is one of the most influencial bloggers in the WORLD.
there's no need to introduce you to his blog, but i'll do it anyway

Danny had been filming his Dancing Trooper all day around singapore
and we were invited to join him in one of the biggest hits youtbe has seen!!

Personally i was MAD happy!! Danny has been one of my blogging idols! his pictures are GODLIKE!
and to be invited to do the DANCING TROOPER is like icing on the sweetest cake!!

*the TOKYO DANCING TROOPER* is one of the YOUTUBE top 10 Videos!

so... introducing!!!

DANNY CHOO in TOKYO DANCING TROOPER! (singapore version) with Moe Moe Kyun Maids!!
(with special preview of our Perfume dance "love the world")

its all a lie one
all these is lying.

its not real one, i'm not here
i'm in small apartment in hap chai

LOL! how great was his "fake singlish" eccent!! man i laugh like a lunatic when i saw this video!!!

Hope you guys enjoyed that~~~!

ps. i replied all the comments of the previous posts in the post before this.
go check it out~




  1. All you gals always looking so cutee ♥___♥ haha
    Love the video x) its so funny i laugh a lot watching it...the song its just perfect x)

    Im so jealous of you ;)!
    i imagine that dancing with danny choo is kinda surreal haha C: an otaku cinderella waltz jajaja xDD

    Love you blog. from mx. xoxo

  2. Lol! His singlish supa-dupa cute!
    What self proclaimed! lol

    *kani dance*

  3. AFA looks fun, and that dancing was funny

    cute outfits too! :)

  4. Hey babe,can i ask if you shave your armpit hair?
    if you do,mind introduce me those products?
    NO OFFENCE THOUGH,i am serious,cause i have no either how and using what._.

  5. YOSHIMIIIII i like your hair its so nice!
    what kind of shampoo do you use?
    your hair is always thick and nice :(

  6. Hey babe,bb cream first or sunblock?Btw,you using what bb cream?(:

  7. Hello, I came over to your blog from DannyChoo! =D I really like your hair and make-up *__*