Saturday, 14 November 2009

Chibi Yoshimi

Have you seen the CHIBI VERSION of me yet?????




wana see it?????




CHECK THIS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Its the Chibi version of me in Moe Moe Kyun


I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! she's sooooo cute~~
I feel ashamed being the human version of something so chibi and KAWAII~~

But i'm sooo happy to be Chibified! Its such an honour to say "this is the CHIBI me!!"
how cool is that?!?!??!?!?!!
It feels like i'm animated~~~~ HOORAY

If there's a level to count Happiness, i'm at the HIGHEST LEVEL now!!
*Faints and dies to OTAKU-land*

I'm thinking of replacing my blog header picture of vanilla-gal 八鍬里美 with Chibi Yoshimi
what do you guys think of that???


do you guys think i look like Chibi Yoshimi????
Let me know ok! leave a comment





  1. Don't worry you suit your chibi self rather nicely.

  2. OMG ferlynnnn, its very kawaiiiii!! ~~
    very cuteeeeeeeeeee!
    i love the animated one~
    you should change it ! :D
    *maybe you could ask them to make a lil comic out of it with you and your friends* :p

  3. hello ferlyn!the chibi version of you really does looks like you!~ love it!~~<333
    too bad i couldn't go to AFA to see you in personT__T

    and i really love love your blog!~
    your blog rawkz!~^^

  4. You need a new blog header?

    Well i tried making for you... dunno if you like it thou...

    take your pick... I personally like the 2nd one better.

    Hope you like it...

  5. It's really, really YOU! You should totally change the blog header to that, what better way than this to shout this is YOUR blog? ;) My two cents' worth.


  6. nyaaa <333 this chibi is so cute! And it looks like you ^-^ because you are very cute too.

    i like this header, but if you have a better one - let's try! ^_^

  7. I have to say something about the Chatbox issue:

    Girl. I have known you to be a person who doesn't give a damn about what others say about you, nor to think about people who aren't worth your brain thinking about.

    Because of this... I'll say PUT that CHATBOX back on. =)

    It may be jealousy coming across the table. It may be a truth in a different sense.

    Either way, I remembered you once telling me that that's what you feared even though you hoped to be in the limelight.

    I'll say STAND UP TO IT. You know its not the truth in yourself, then that's more than enough for me, and I'm sure its more than enough for those who trust and believe in you.

    Put the Chatbox on..... =) Don't let them affect you.

  8. She is real cute. can't really compare, both of you are cute. :) Also not really sure you can use it as a header, but I kinda made up something just today.

    check it out not great, but I was rushed.

  9. Lol, I was goig to draw you in your Moe Moe Kyun outfit, but someone seems to have beaten me to it. xD

    It looks adorable though!

  10. chibi yoshimi is cuteeee! (: