Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Bape Store

Infamous Japan Brand founded by Nigo of the Teriyaki boys
The Bathing Ape is in Singapore!

BAPE Singapore
333A Orchard Road
Mandarin Gallery
Singapore 238897
Tel: +65 6838 0232

I couldnt make it to the opening of the store, i heard from Tatsuya-kun that they gave out limited edition Bape Belt to the first 50 customers who entered the store.

poor Tatsuya-kun was the 51st customer @_@~

bape store singapore opening 1 BAPE STORE Singapore Opening

The concept is kept simple and easy on the eyes. white is the basic color, since Bape is a colorful and bold brand. It does have the "this is a branded boutique" all around aura the store but it is a pretty expensive brand.

Price range for Singapore Bape is anywhere from $100-$500.

This is the ladies section, might not seem the girlish type but thats the charm of Bape. The street funky style that i cant keep my hands away from!

Here's the Bape Signature Hoodie.
but very sadly, their signature printed Parkers are no where to be found in this store @_@~
They didnt bring in the parkers that they're infamous for #_#

bape store singapore opening 7 BAPE STORE Singapore Opening

Bape is not the liz lisa kinda sweet hime brand but its really a brand for the B-girls and the girls who wanna make a statement with the clothes they wear. Its a really bold and loud brand with tons of colors and its really edgy with statement prints and style.

I shop at the Bape store in harajuku very so often, it brings out the edgy B-girl in me~if your a street B-girl fan then Bape is for you



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  1. bape!!! orz should have went there on the opening day... oh well, gonna drag my mom for new year shopping