Friday, 8 January 2010

comments reply

Ok, this is for y'all who commented in the last few posts.
i'm gonna do another collective comment reply

Post: 18 December 2009
serenity.Frozen yogurt

Aralka: thanks sweety~ your always full of compiments.

Post: 20 December 2009
Tag: top 3 fashion and style idol
Kyarameru: holy momma~! thats like the best compliment anyone can give me! i absolutely nana suzuki! thank you
Post: 24 December 2009
Merry merry christmas

Mimisa: Merry xmas and a happy 2010 to you too!


Post: 27 December 2009

Mimisa: haha! yea seems like bowling aint our thing >_<>

Ruuchi: Hi sweet! Thank you for coming! thanks! i was really nervous at first, the lights were so bright i honestly couldnt see anyone from the audience! but i enjoyed myself!
An: thanks! i was in a rush so i just left them the way it was. i wanted to loosen them up but oh well next time i guess ^_^. i know! nails always break off dont they! but i've been so lazy with nails recently @_@~
Nick: hey Nick! yea maybe we should go practice together one day! haha

Nana: OMG thank you! ^_^ we're the "bad at bowling" partners!


Post: 30 December 2009
Bape store

Lurking reader: I totally missed the opening as well @_@. i went and got myself a really cute shirt from bape recently


Post: 30 December 2009

RoxySimpson: hey girl~ he does doesn't he! i gotta tell him that you guys agree with me as well.
yea, i accepted a few. probably gonna post them up soon ^_^

Hello~ nice to know that i have a sweet girl like you from Germany visiting my blog!
thanks for coming!
Happy new year!

Apple: yea! free clothes! woohoo! haha i'm glad others takes interest in my blog ^_^

Anoynymous: he does! mini-kame! hahaha

Lia: yup yup! i just hope he doesnt get as skinny as kame does.


Post: 01 January 2010
Welcome 2010

Gene: hey Gene! happy happy 2010~ have a great one! how you been doing?


Post: 03 January 2010
Event: Eoy (part 1)

pingping: thank you for letting me know! i just cant figure out why there were thousands of white balls floating! thank you!

Alexandra: Hello~ thanks for following my blog! i went to your blog, omg your gorgeous! your hair is sooo pretty! loves the blog header!

Juju: for everyone's sake, i shall not reply here hahahah! its gonna take too long to reply you! lol i'll facebook you hahahahah


Post: 05 January 2010
Event: Eoy (part 2)

Juju: haha again! shall reply you on facebook ^_^ *wink*

Ruuchi: i know! i'm so grateful and thankful to be given the opportunity to work with someone as inspiring as Yui~


Post: 05 January 2010
Event: Eoy (part 3)

Mimisa: i'm sooo lucky right!! ahhh~ my dreams came true!! lol i feel like i was really talking to Fai-sama! haha but it was weird knowing that he was still awake at like 2am in he morning lol.

Kate: Hi Kate~ i took about 1year to learn japanese i guess. i dont use books other than my textbooks. i was in tokyo for almost 2years learning japanese ^_^. good luck with your japanese! practice practice practice!

Ruuchi: haha! i wish i could! but it was too late. we ended the day at like 11pm. so everywhere was close >_< P: omg! its sooo darn funny right! i love how he just made a song out of throwing garbage! and the old man at the end, how LOL was that!!


If i missed anyone out, let me know alright.
Blogspot is going a little crazy for me and my posts are all jumbled up for some reason so i cant really register everything correctly.




  1. Oh no problem!
    And thanks for calling me sweet (^-^) haha
    Happy New Year for you, too
    I'll take a look at your blog now and then ;D

  2. Hey, can i just ask.. regarding your previous post quite a few posts back, on the tarot card reading you got- How much were you actually charged for it? Was it pretty much accurate? My gf's really keen after i told her about it, but we're both kinda worried its some bogus thing.. Do advise! Thanks love. :)

  3. Hey pretty,can i ask whether you got ance promblems before?You look pretty though(: