Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Japanese Fashion Street 2

Hey Y'all

I had very good feed backs and comments from you guys on the blogshop "JAPANESE FASHION STREET" and they're back with the 2nd spree!

And they definitely do not disappoint~
We're all shopping for Summer Clothes now and they have just what i'm looking for!

With what is in trend in POPTEEN, POPSISTER, AGEHA and all the other Japanese fashion magazines, Japanese Fashion street has brought in all the latest must have in Japanese Fashion.

Like i previously mention in my Summer Fashion post, the Rompers, Maxi dress, denim and floral prints are the MUST HAVE this summer.

Here are some of my recommendations from JAPANESE FASHION STREET

Sleeveless Lace Romper - $24

Lace and Romper, both of the biggest trend this summer.
Yui Kanno wore a lace romper in Popsister July

Floral Romper - $18

Flora Prints and romper, can't get any better than this
Eri Aoki wore a Floral romper Popsister July

Egg Inspired Lip Tee - $16

This t-shirt is super cute! and its Egg inspired~ this is for those Egg and ranzuki lovers. girls with a little more Spice in their fashion.

Denim Jumper - $25

always in trend but also featured in Popsister July. also wearing it is Hoshino Kana.

Black Tie-Dyed Dress - $26

Both the Tie-dye trend and Maxi dress in one~ Its very Ranzuki and egg. maxi dress are a must have this summer. big big trend

Leopard Print Floral Dress - $29

I can't get enough of maxi dresses! neither can Hoshino kana in a flora print
maxi dress (Youtube video below) as well as in Popsister July

Lace Jumper - $24

Also considered a Romper~this is one of Yui Kanno's favorite looks this summer.
(you can check her in a pink rompus in the youtube video below)


Here is a youtube video with the 4 popsister models, showing their fashion point with what their wearing. (forward to 1.30min)
益若つばさ(Masuwaka Tsubasa)
小森純(Komori Jun)
星野加奈(Hoshino Kana)
菅野結以( Kanno Yui)


Hurry up and shop because this spree is only open for 1 week!
The Spree ends: 19 June 2010, 11.59pm.

Special for Ferlyn Yoshimi Readers.

Just state that your a Ferlyn Yoshimi Reader and get 10% Discount

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