Saturday, 27 November 2010

Black hair

Hey Y'all

After reading this month's (oct) POPTEEN which featured a spread on black hair and make up on black hair.

I'm mentally and physically prepared to dye my hair back to its original color :


Was terrified on actually doing it, but i'm pretty pumped into dyeing it back after reading this

Don't worry, i'm definitely not losing the gyaru makeup. Black hair definitely needs the bolder makeup. Most of my friends are dead against me going black but i've got my best friend's approval.

And i really think its time for me to tone down the hair color and i really wanna see myself with black hair again.
Plus, its autumn and winter is coming~ dark hair is all the trend for this romantic season. i won't need lighter hair till spring or summer~

and a seifuku version as well

And and its gonna push my skin whitening regime further. right now, i'm pretty much doing nothing in regards to whitening. I've been using anti-acne products to make sure i dont got nasty zits and acnes popping up everywhere.

But with my hair black, its gonna be a wake up call like "you look shit ass with your tan skin, get that lazy ass of yours and start whitening that face"

i'm excited and terrified at the same time. i dont know how its gonna turn out, gonna be praying. got my appointment this friday.




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  1. thanks for sharing those scans =) i love it! i want to dye my hair black too~