Saturday, 27 November 2010

Black Rock Shooter

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My Black Rock Shooter Black Blade version has came through my mail on this morning .

I'm so happy she's finally here!! Been waiting for her for quite some time now.

I've been dying to collect the BRS series figurines.
They would make one of the coolest collection out there!


no one said it better than Miyake. Like her, i missed the Black Rock shooter Original Version (with Rock cannon) and how the price has shot up to over $400. I've been searching
online in Japanese websites but most came back with *no more stock* #_#



But next in line is none other than the villian herself Dead Master Original Version with her weilding the giant sickle, Death Scythe on her right hand.

Can't wait to pre-order this baby!! but of course the release date is no earlier than November 2011 but i'll wait!!!

Isn't she a beauty~

Do you guys have the same taste in Figurines as i do?


Ferlyn Yoshimi

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    might have the BRS you're looking for o_o