Saturday, 27 November 2010

Wine For Asia

Hey Y'all

Wanted to post on the trip and hotel stay over at Universal Studios Singapore but i haven got the time to edit the pictures yet so i'll probably leave that for a later date.

Also, i wanna just point out that my SPAM and COMMENT area is being retarded and i'm trying to fix it (*#_____#*)

Anyway, i was working at the WINE FOR ASIA fair the past 2days with another MMK girl Fel-cyan.
We were working at the Sake and Shochu Pavilion where they were showcasing a couple of Japanese Sake/Shochu brands available.


We had to don on a Yukata (summer kimono) for the 2days and here's how we look!

Its been about 3years since i last worn a Yukata, its pretty fun and exhausting at the same.
Definitely reminded me of how bad my posture is... it forces you to stand straight and im a "huncher". i hunch all the time but i didnt notice i hunch a little until i wore the Yukata.

Met a bunch of really nice Japanese dudes. man i gotta say most of them are too young to be directors of Sake companies. I got pretty taken aback when i went through the name cards... pretty much
"Shit.. i didnt know they owned the companies.. i thought they were just staffs..."


I'm really happy that i took on this 2day gig. I learn a bunch on Japanese Sake, Shochu and the likes. I knew almost nothing about them before but i definitely took alot in these 2days.

I get paid plus i get a free detailed lesson on Japanese sake. Not bad, not bad at all (*^_^*) hehe

Have a Amazing Weekend everyone!



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