Thursday, 24 February 2011

yakiniku and Muse~

Hey Y'all

Its been a week!!
how's the week treating everyone?

I went to have Yakiniku 焼肉 (Barbeque Meat) on saturday night with a few buddies~
I love yakiniku! seriously, i'm such a big meat person.

We went to this restaurant in Yutenji which is somewhere along Ebisu/shibuya area.
I forgot the name of the place though #_#...

But yay for Yakiniku!!

Check out this 3 second roast! you gotta barbeque it for 3seconds on each side!
check out the dry ice smoking out! AWESOME

This one's the 6 second roast. the marination is brilliant!
it was soooo dang gooooood

and we also had the 高級 meat. which is a cool name for expensive roast.
anyway its like 3000yen for like 4 chunks of meat.

Thank god we chose to have yakiniku for dinner. i cant imagine going out to a club after eating
ramen or curry. we kept our dinner light and easy.

And we headed off to MUSE. which is a highly recommended club over at Nishi Azabu.
about 10mins walk from Roppongi station.
its my 3rd time there and my friends know all the staff real well, so we're well taken care of.

me and Ashley (her nickname), she's one of the resident DJ over at Muse.
she's the cutest thing ever!! it was her birthday that week! so we had champagne ALL night long!

(sorry bout the bad quality picture though... took it with a friend's phone and so.. couldnt do much editing with it...)

Anyway, i made a quick update video before heading out that night.
..i decided to curl my hair only after doing the video.. so my hair's straight in it >_<~~~

you guys have a lovely weekend!

i'll be back in a few days!!

Stay safe



  1. You look so pretty in your video! ♥
    Food looks delish & you're in Japan.. I'm mad with jealousy, but I hope you're having a blast!


  2. you are getting prettier..i like ur middle part. u look nicer in it. n u are slimmer!!

  3. amzing food looks great