Saturday, 23 June 2012

the train and manners

Where is the "imaginary line" as to how is a elderly person? what marks one to be a "senior citizen" when it comes to manners on trains

A couple of days back, i was on the train heading to school just like any other day. i fortunately got a seat and was minding my own business, reading.
then....On comes old uncle who looks like he's hitting 70-ish He had a full head of white hair, hunched back and look frail~

Any normal person who sees that would take that as a sign of a "elderly person" and move on to giving up his/her seat. unless your a snooty brat who doesn't care about anyone else but yourself.

And so I did what I was taught from a very young age, i courtly stood up and told the old man to have my seat.

(in Japanese) ME: " excuse me, you can have my seat"

And... Dum dim dim...

OLD MAN: WHAT?! Do i look like i need help to you?! are you insinuating that i'm a old person that can't do anything for himself?!

old man went off on me... he must have some "issues" he needed to deal with because i did not deserve that scream-off from him. but him being a older person, i can't say anything back..
so... i cowardly stood up and got off the next station. people left and right were staring... i had to get off and take the next train.

i have had people reject taking the seat offer but NONE that was this rude about it.
i'm not trying to insinuate anything~ i acted on instincts.

which brings me to the "AH LIAN vs AUNTY" train story recently in the spotlight
those of you not from Singapore probably don't get it but the story goes that

this "girl" in picture was sitting at the "priority seat" in the train when a middle aged woman aka "aunty" with a bandage on her foot came in. The "girl" continued sitting when the "aunty" started grumbing out in disapproval and so the "girl" up and gave her seat and took the aunty's place and stood in front of her.


The "Aunty" continued to complain and grumble on about the girl's bad manners and allegedly claim that it was because she was from "China" but the climax came when the "Aunty" flip out her phone and threaten to take pictures of her and publish them and they continued the verbal fight.

I personally felt that the "girl" should have realized the bandage on foot and gave her seat from the get go which she did in the end which was great. the Aunty on the other hand is just "rude and disrespectful on so many levels"
why would you continue to complain after you get your "precious seat" and bring in the "nationality card". that's just childish and shows how naive she is.


"Don't give up your seat, your wrong"
"Give up your seat, your also wrong"

either way, your screwed!


just stand, that way no one would say anything.

lesson learned!

Ferlyn Yoshimi

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  1. Or better still, just sit still and ignore everyone else for the whole trip. Not like anyone can say/do anything much... especially what with this case having transpired and all. =P