Monday, 5 October 2009

awaiting mail

Hey Y'all

First things first,

If you find time at night tonight or tomorrow dont forget to

Look up into the night sky...

you'll find that the moon is shining brighter than it ever did.

its a sight to see and a moment to take in.


Alright back to the post!

we're finally in october~ which means 2 more months till i'm back in TOKYO!!!
*do i hear a woohoo*~~!!

I cant wait to get back to Tokyo in January next year and start school again.
(though i'll definitely regret saying this later on... school is always a chore)
I'm just waiting for confirmation from school and all. Prays hard everything goes smoothly.



I'm waiting for quite a few mails to reach my place~~~

First, we have my COASTAL SCENTS and ELF HAUL that my cousin is shipping back in for me from America.

Then, i'm also waiting for my MAC HAUL which also includes the new MAC STYLE BLACK COLLECTION!!
*yes, my friend went and got them for me*
now, the babies are inside a box patiently waiting to get here~~

Lastly, i was suppose to go to Korea for vacation and it got cancelled *_* damn it.
sooo.... i got kinda pissed off and i didnt wana not get anything out of not going

sooo.... i emailed my friend in Korea my list of things i wanted and she just got back to me saying she has everything and is packing them up soon~~~!!!!
I've got stuffs from Missha, Etude House, VOV, Laneige, innisfree and Beauty Credit.

Ok, so thats 3packages i'm waiting for.
pretty sure all 3 of them will be here by the end of the month which is perfect


I'm going away again!!!!

I've been working my butt off the last 2months and i wana go vacationing!!!~
self-proclaimed that i deserve this!!

So, i'm going away from the 8th october this Thursday to a few countries in ASIA
and i'm not sure when i'll be back simply because i plan to pop by Tokyo for a few days on my way back and visitGeraldine(DUH~~ WHAT ELSE!!)
and also to check up on my school. its always better when your there personally.

*gotta prepare to be broke and only go on window shopping in november @_@~~~OTL*

i'm not really sure if i can do that, gotta re-schedule a hell load of stuff for that to happen and i'm not sure if my ticket even allows that. if it doesnt, that just means i gota get another ticket.

I should be back by the 21st-22nd october TOPS.
*though i'm pretty sure i would be back*




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