Friday, 16 October 2009

poor mommy

Hey Y'all

I'm jusssst got back from my little vacation~~
i came back a day earlier than scheduled

Didnt get the chance to pop by Tokyo though @_@~~ bumped*

Anyway, when mom and dad picked me up from the airport i realised


that mommy had tons of stitches on the side of her forehead

Poor mommy got into a nasty accident in the kitchen last friday. she fell and a plate slice her forehead open mommy bled like blood was free, then fell unconscious due to blood loss Thank God the ambulance came quick enough and she got cleaned and stitched up good in the hospital.

Lets all pray and wish mommy a quick recovery.

I love you mommy, get well soon.


Oh, totally off track and kinda weird saying this now but my package of korea brands are here!!
i'll post up what i got and maybe do a review on the stuff next~




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