Saturday, 24 October 2009

Etude House Haul

Hey Y'all

My Korea make up haul came in so i'm gonna start with the Etude House haul first.
I've been using their products for almost a year now and i am a ETUDE HOUSE FAN. i love their packaging and the pinkness of the brand.

Also, ETUDE HOUSE is AVAIALABLE in Singapore. if you fancy any of the above items. go check their store in Plaza Singapura


Top row: Peach beam blusher, pore erasing peach base
Bottom row: 66 big eye victara mascara, Oh M~eyeline


Peach Beam Blusher

Got this because the color looks sooo pretty in picture~~ the product has a highlighter, both sides with a shimmer finish.
I love how most of the korean brands have a shimmer finish to their blushers just like this one.

I dont think the blusher is pigmented enough to give a strong color but the overall application gives you a very glowy look. the highlighter works great for that glowy sun kissed look. not bronze but healthy glow.

More of a highlighter compared to a blusher.

Pore Erasing Peach Base

I love the sweet scent of peach this gives off~~ I've been trying this on for almost a week now. More than erasing pores, its much better used as a primer for your face. it smoothed out my skin really well, creating a matte finish. Only thing is after application, i looked like a vampire. The tone is incredibly light, but the vampire look goes away after foundation application over it.

Light easy application. very sheer.


66 Big Eye Vitcara Mascara
Been told by many to try this mascara, great reviews from many.
Havent tried it yet, but i cant wait to try it soon, probably do a review some other time.

Oh M~ Eyeline
This is my 2nd tube, so its more than fair to say i love this eyeliner.
the tip is fine enough to create a fine line.

but, the product is really thick and you gotta kinda swatch it off a little before lining your eyes. else, your gonna end up with a really thick and heavy line, it helps if you have a light hand with this product

Top row: VIP girl Lip base, lip concealer, VIP girl OR205, VIP girl PK008
Bottom row: Dear Darling Gloss 16,18

==== Lips ====

VIP girl Lipstick Base

This base erases the pigments of your lips a little and amplifies the color of your lipstick.
dont know if its me or the product, but whenever i have this product on. i feel like i got perfume on my lips.

Good purchase if you fancy wearing statement lipsticks.

Color Me Nude Lip Concealer
I bought this without much --- but boy was i wrong!
Go get yourself one of these! i've been using this ever since i got it. It covers up your original lip pigments up well and its pretty moisturizing

Its a stick concealer making application that much easier.

my new favorite concealer, move over candydoll.

Must Buy

VIP girl Dear Darling Lips

milky pink.

milky orange.

both colors are very vibrant colors. if you like bold yet still a little towards the nude color tone then try this. you might like how it looks on your lips.
one thing to note about this lip stick is that its pretty hard to get the color on. gotta go back and forth alot to get the color on, so its best to use a lip brush if you don wana waste product.

Dear Darling Gloss

Very disappointed really by this gloss, i thought it would be thicker and more apparent but it turned out to be really sheer and thin. the color is really pretty on the tube, but when its on your lips its not very obvious. and you gotta use alot of products for colors to show.


This one on the other hand is great! i love the shimmer undertone in this one and its a great top off to any color you choose for your lips to brighten the look.


That's all for my Etude House Haul this time round.
Dont forget to check out Etude house if your ever around Plaza Sing.




  1. nice EH haul :) i like their lipsticks too!

  2. Blover Beauty~

    hey~ yea i love the colors. esp the VIP girl collection. pretty bold for EH standard ~^^

  3. I'd love to get my hand on some Etude House stuff!
    Everything looks so gorgeous!♥

  4. hi do you think the one that Park shin ye's wearing on the CF is VIP dear darling lips OR205??
    hope you can do swatches on your lips! :)

  5. pretty!!
    i want to get those now.
    unfortunately we dont have etude house over here!

    i'm having a giveaway, if you have time drop by!!

  6. Hi.have you ever or would you ever purchas(ed) anything for anyone else that gave you a list.I am looking for some of the peach serie products from etude house.
    if so.please email me at