Monday, 9 November 2009

AFA press conference


I'm really excited that i have so many things to blog about nowadays.

Moe Moe Kyun and AFA is really making this out to be such an amazing event.

I went to the AFA press conference on thurdsday 5th November~
me with my MMK headdress/hairband
the ribbon was given to me by Julia~~ *muacks*


Moe Moe Kyun was part of the AFA press conference~~


Miyake~~~ Singapore's own Shokotan
with the Eneloopy battery~~

I was bugging Miyake all day hahah~ so glad she didnt find me annoying lol.
She's such a sweet and nice girl, really unexpected.
i always thought models were really stuck up and unfriendly but Miyake's totally the opposite of that.

And its not those putting up a front thing, she's really nice.


MMK girls chatting away before the conference. we missed you our Yu-cyans (Yui-cyan, Yukiko-cyan)
(see how Hitomi (the girl with the side ponytail) is sitting so gracefully, PASS!!)

Jealous jealous???~~ hehe i'm with so many beautiful girls~~ *drools*~~~
gosh.. i'm so Yuri-addicted!! *hides*(*→ω←*)
Points to my shoe--> check out my grandma shoes!!! LOL ((≧ω≦))

Me explaing the power up~~

Everyone introducing ourselves to the Press

From Left: Yoshimi, Miyake, Tomomi, Hitomi, Ami and Mika

And later...

One lucky Goshujin-sama gets the Ultimate Treatment
6 maids serving him to 2 feeding him~~~~!!


And a Ojou-sama as well~~ but we shall censor out the precious happiness-filled face

Moe Moe Kyun Girls with Eneloopy dog~~
I too thought that that was Snoopy(*´×`*)





Moe Moe Janken, MMK style~~~



the AFA conference had 4 big announcements which included
  1. Finalists for Regional Cosplay Championship
  2. Exclusive Merchandise at Akiba Town
  3. Animation studios taking part in AFA09 Industry Showcase
  4. Launch of new SANYO eneloopy kit

These are the Cosplay finalist from all 5countries

2 teams for host country

ST Revolution from Singapore,

00 Emotions from Singapore

Endless Illusion from Indonesia

Sakai no Gumi from Malaysia

Ahlodia and Ashley fromPhilippines

Houshin Engi from Thailand
(one of the team members is a old friend~~ cant wait to see her)

Congrats to all selected finalists~ Cant wait for everyone to be here!!


At the game area near the conference place.
with PIKACHU~~~

Pikachu: pika pika!!
MMK: Pikachu moeee~~~
( i blogged my outfit here in the previous post, go check it ^_^~)

After the conference, everyone went to grab dinner @ Ebisboshi Shotengai
My first time there and that digital pen system was OFF THE HOOK!
so cool!!!~~~

I had maccha ice cream and sake!! wasnt that hungry cos of the canapes that was served at the press conference earlier on. All of us were hunting for the waitresses carrying the canapes! LOL~ you should have seen us.


After i got home
my make-up was still intact bcos we were freezing the whole time at the conference, the air-condioning was as bit*h. it was sooo cold that my makeup didnt melt after 1whole day.

my eye makeup though.. was pretty much busted by the end of the day.



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