Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Tag Reply 8-10th Nov


Ah Kia: For bigger curls, the best outcomes would be from a 1 inch or 1 1/2inch curler.

Seri: yay! oh ps. do show me your anniversary outfit ok ^_^ hehe.

Cheryl: yea i was!!! i remember you hahha. my friends were saying that your really skinny ^_^~
singapore is a really small place haha.

Mika: Thanks for requesting. I get alot of requests on how to curl hair. there are many styles to curling hair but i will do a video tutorial on my youtube account very soon. ^_^~ please do watch it when its uploaded.

Yunnie: Thanks!! yea, balance is really important. like how its terrible to wear sandles/flip-flops with dresses, worse cocktail dresses. Totally off! your not going to a beach.>_<~~

Krystal: Thanks sweetie~~. hehe~ 応援ありがとう!これからも頑張ります~~

Nick: guys can pull off beanies anytime! you just gotta play it right~ oh and yea, i got the links fixed^_^ thanks for pointing it out.

Hayley: Thanks hon~^_^. oh shut up! you look fine!! not a bit aunty-ish at all!!

psby: i seldom use tape or glue anymore. but i used to be only slightly double eyelided. but i started spamming on glue and tape about 4years ago and i grew out my double eyelids. but i still use them every now and then.

Taylor: Its my own costume and its my own way of expressing my character ^_^ and everybody has to be different right~ so that were easily distinguished~ ^^

Ying: believe it or not, i actually got this from singapore! i cant remember where though. i know its a store in Wisma, but i cant remember which one.

Brittaney: yay girl! i'll be waiting for the blog posts. do post pictures of yourself ok. i'm sure we're all curious to see how pretty you are.

C: erm... i'm 152.5cm and i guess i'm about 41.5kg. i'm a short person.

Yukiko: Yukiko-cyan~~~^_^

Seri: good to know ^_^~~ was it expensive?



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