Saturday, 28 November 2009

Series: AFA press preview

20th November 2009
Press Preview

AFA 09's press preview was held on friday 20th november at suntec city.
The press preview was done to inform the media
what is in store at AFA 09 and what can they expect from it.

Also, it was the perfect opportunity to introduce the guests of the event to
all the media in singapore.

Guests for AFA 09
From left: Kaname, May'N, Aniki, Mamoru Hosoda, Danny Choo

I was given the task of being the
for the press preview.
it was crazy enough that i'm given time with my idols now i have to interview them >_<~ it was both stressing and exhilarating! 超~緊張した!!!

The guests were given a big AFA-kun poster to sign~~

Shokotan was scheduled to arrive the next day,
so Aniki signed for Shokotan in her place

Mamoru Hosoda's signature.
As expected of the critically acclaimed director!!

If you didnt know Hosoda-san is the director of animation films like "The girl who leapt through time" and the upcomming blockbuster "summer wars"

Check out the video here~
you can tell that i'm really nervous and all @_@~~



In the backroom preparing for the press preview

Aniki wanted to take the picture in front of the Men's Toilet in the holding room>_<~ didnt understand why either. Kaname, Me, Aniki, Danny Choo~~


After the press preview, everyone had their day's schedule ahead of them
busy busy day for everyone.

I had my work cut out for me as well.

A peek into MMK maid cafe before it opened at AFA 09!

The maids final training before AFA09!!
(with my slave Bjorn!!!!--> guy in specs)

Danny determined to be the 1st customer of MMK

After training, me, miyake and tomomi stayed behind to check out the whole venue
and staying back came with a huge treat.

May'N was having her concert rehearsals on stage and
we popped over to watch her rehearsals~

May'N is my idol and inspiration
I'm so moved by May'N vocals and emotions that she pours into each and every one of her song.

I was sooo mesmerized by her performance that i completely forgot about taking pictures >_<~~~ Well thats all for AFA pre-event day!! check back soon for Day 1 report ok!!!




  1. Hey ferlyn!
    It'd been a awhile since that last time i left you a comment. lol.

    You're so lucky. Get to meet and interview your idol. I think many people envy you. Hahas. Anyway, you really did a great job especially since you're nervous (:

  2. dont worry ferlyn! you did a wondrous job at emcee-ing! guess anyone would have felt nervous, but i find that besides being a little teeny weeny bit nervous youve done well :)

  3. so sad din get to go this year AFA cause i went overseas. :(

  4. cutest dress ever!! so lucky to meet celebrities!

  5. Sorry if this seems weird but you look like you know the AFA staff, can i please ask a favour from you?

    I still wish to purchase the I love anisong t-shirt, can you ask the staff for me? I wrote them an e-mail but I think they probably won't read it anymore.

    Can you pleaseeeee, ask them for me?