Saturday, 28 November 2009

series: AFA day 1 & 2 and i love anisong

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we pulled down the UBER-BIG balloon! it was really heavy but soooo cute we had to do it


Day 1 & 2


Check out the line queuing up to get into MMK~~

Thank you everyone for visiting Moe Moe Kyun maid cafe

Inside the cafe

Special Quest in MMK



Miyake-san to do the drawing honors~~



Me, Miyake and Tomomi performing
Love the World Dance by Perfume on stage~~

Tomomi singing Bouken Desho desho of
Suzumiya Harui~!!

Tomomi did such a great job singing even though she was dead nervous she did so well!!
Tomo-cyan banzai~~!!



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hehe~ pei pei was kind enough to let us watch the concert at the VIP section
(Aniki was sitting in front of us while me, miyake and tomomi were screaming like fangirls @_@~)

@_@~~~ halfway through the concert.
we were really tire and sat down for awhile.

Pei pei... happily waltz to the sit right in front of us
and shake his butt while grooving to the song

completely blocking our view and giving us 1st class view of his
Butt shaking!

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starring Pei pei and Robin

I hope you enjoyed watching that as much as me miyake and tomomi did ^_^~~

Backstage with Guitar God ギター神様の
Fukuyama Yoshiki

I'm totally in love with Fukuyama-san's hair!
if i had hair like that, i wouldnt need to carry a bag around any more!

Fukuyama-san is sooo nice and friendly~
he has no airs to him and is really down to earth

thats what you call a real DIVO!


I hope you guys enjoyed AFA 09 as much as i did!~~~

Look forward to AFA 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




  1. I was almost late for the 2nd day's concert and didn't get to get to my seat but I was lucky, the seats at the back is good! And did you know, I was seating almost next to you mmk girls despite the fences... XD I was lucky, it's great to have enjoyed the concert with you.

    Looks like jim had fun taking pictures too... Envies him... Haiz...

  2. Look's like you had a better week than I did. Wish I was there!

    By the way, your outfit is super cute! Remember how I said I would draw you? Well, if you happen to have a better shot of it, I would love to draw you in that outfit... it's just so cute! Unless you had something else in mind?