Monday, 30 November 2009

Series: AFA post dinner

Now to end off my AFA 09 experience is
The Post AFA 09-Dinner

After the whole event ended on Sunday,
we all went for dinner/supper at Newton Circus

check out MayN's blog post on her blog as well

Can you spot who's who?!?!

MayN's Dancers

Top: Takayuki, Yumie, Ken
Bottom: Junko

Super cute Yumie~
She was suppose to fly in with MayN and the other dances on thursday morning but she forgot her passport and took the later flight that day~ lol SUPER CUTE!!

Check out Takayuki's

way cool~~~~
guy who dances are SMOKING HOT!!
always a plus point if you know how to shake it~hehehe

Danny Choo and his signature food pictures with a figurine~
Lucky star's Kagami is here with us today~!!


Kaname's first try of DURIAN

the smell did put him off a little,
but after tasting it, he apparently really liked it ^_^~

MayN's second time eating durian~
she eats it with a spoon!! definitely a first for me, never knew you could eat durians with spoons.
Lol~ civilized

God of guitar Fukuyama having a go at our tropical fruit as well

Am still in love with his hair~~

Fan service time!!

Kaname on his knees feeding his princess Tomomi
you cannot even start to imagine how red Tomo-cyan was getting when this happened! LOL
Tomo dont worry we videoed it down! for your viewing pleasure anytime!

I was fed by Kaname as well~~~ >_<
major awkwardness!!!!

Of course Miyake is not left out!

Kaname & MMK epicness~~~!!

check out our expressions~! priceless ^_^

Back to UBER Kaname

Man... he looks cuter and prettier than me in this picture!!!

oh well.. that goes to show why he has thousands of screaming fangirls!!


To top off the awkward post-kaname feeding session and

After Takayuki's super side moon walk dance....
We were asked to re-perform our performance in the afternoon.

Mayn and the other guests couldnt make it to see our performance earlier that day and
so kindly ask us to perform for them right then

and since its the last night in singapore, we gladly did it for them

but even with that, it didnt shed off a single percent of
MOST EMBARASSING moment of my life~
It was in front of professional dancers and well known artists like MayN herself and Jam Project's Fukuyama Yoshiki

it was embarassing for sure but an experience i'll never forget~ ^_^
its not everyday you get asked by your idol to perform for them~



Thanks to SOZO and the awesome AFA team i had the best experience being involved in this one of a kind event!
I was fortunate to meet wonderful people with great personalities and even greater jobs.
Learn about their job and what they do has been a god-sent bonus this job came with.

Spending time with Danny choo has been incredible! he's one of the funniest guy i met who possess many interesting talents! I now adore him dare i say more than his infamous shoe designer daddy Jimmy choo!

Meeting and getting to know MayN and Aniki has been a dream fufilled!

Aniki's been my idol since i started watching anime!
its hard not to idolize Aniki if your a rabid fan of anime like i am >_<~ MayN ~! omg she's such an inspriration!
after being an audience to her rehearsals and hearing her live
she's completely different when she's on stage.
she's pretty much a goofball off stage but she gets on stage and the lights are on
she becomes this super diva that omitts this aura that makes you stare in awe!

Boss Shawn, PEI PEI and everyone else at SOZO
Sankyuu very much!!~~

All good thing must come to an end
well at least for 2009!

Till AFA 2010 ~!!!

I hope you guys enjoyed this mini-series coverage from my own AFA 09 experience~
I'll reply comments from the last few posts in my next blog post





  1. I think you guys did well for the dance! It's so awesome to dance as a group (:

  2. Oh man. I am so jealous! haha! Nice coverage on the dinner! N Nice dance too! :)