Tuesday, 1 December 2009

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here are some of my AFA 09 takeaways~~!!

God of Guitar:
Fukuyama Yoshiki

i love how he drew himself with his signature HAIR!!!


Kaname Signature
address to me~!
*runs before fangirls kills*

Anyway, you can see him signing off with another name Ryuzaki
Kaname is working at a butler cafe in Ikebukuro (where i used to live)

check him out here:

Royal Servant

Kaname's Royal Servant Alias is RYUZAKI
Its all japanese only, so if you cant read japanese. i strongly recommend you
to get google translator or something ^_^


Moe Moe Kyun Badges~



Chibi Yoshimi in Chocolate~~!!
i'm never eating Chibi Yoshimi!!!



I'm pretty upset and bumped that i didnt get to take my poster home >_<~~ before anyone of us could remember to take it down, every single one of it was ripped off from the wall @_@~~

To those who took our posters:
Take good care of us ok ^_^~ dont abuse us please >_<~


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Post: 23rd november 2009
AFA Dancing trooper

Dita H: i'm jealous of me too!! Danny is like a otaku legend~ it was awesome dancing with him!

Miyake~: lol~ sad right? your husband left @_@~ i miss Danny!!

djbalancece: AFA was off the hook! haha dancing in orchard road was awkward but fun!

Anonymous: haha! dont worry about that! its a girl thing! i get it ^_^
yea of course i do!! haha i'm using the "Veet in shower hair removal cream"

Anonymous: omg~!! ironically i think my hair is thinning out really badly at the top!
but i do have thick hair @_@~ its hereditary. my dad has really thick hair despite being 50+
so i got my dad to thank for!

But in any case, i'm using Asience Shampoo~ ^_^ hope that hleps

pb: hey~ i'm not a BB cream user so i'm not too sure on BB cream
but Sunblock before foundation ^_^ for me

Bego: thanks for dropping by~!!


Post: 27th november 2009
Series: AFA guest pick up

Jonathan: I'm so grateful for my job!! it was surreal meeting them!!
thank you for dropping by! i hoped you enjoy the AFA series on my blog

V3: NO! no one knew i think who they were. it was filled with old people enjoying their chinese dinner so i dont think they knew they were in the presence of IDOLS!


Post: 28th november 2009
Series: AFA press preview

Alicia: Thanks~~ i was really nervous @_@~ how have you been??

Alle: thank you so much Elle!~~i'll try to do better next time ^_^

Lia: >_<~ come to AFA 2010 ok!! where did you travel to? An: thanks An~!! yea! i'm so lucky!!

Vin: Hi vin, i'm sorry i cant help you with this.
please contact the AFA staff directly for this. you can reach them on Facebook
or on the AFA 09 webpage.


Post: 28th november 2009
Series: AFA day 1 & 2 and i love anisong

Tueac: ooh~ Its good to know you enjoyed the concert~ i enjoyed it thoroughly myself!
oh yea, there were fences around the seats we were at >_<

Britinae: Hey girl~how are you??
oh i dont think i have a better shot of that outfit >_<


Post: 30th november 2009
Series: AFA post dinner

yunnie: Thank you very much ~~

Kennyleong: Thanks~! i'm jealous of myself too! cant belive i had the opportunity to have dinner with such amazing people!


Help me understand~~

★★Please leave in the comments section below★★

what you guys wanna see more on my blog?
1) more events coverage
2) daily life
3) make up reviews
4) hair and makeup talk
5) Style and fashion

I kinda wanna understand where you guys are coming from and what you like to see on my blog ^_^





  1. I say everything in general

  2. Everything would be interesting

  3. anything and everything :)

  4. Aww, your outfit was super cute.
    It's ok though, no biggy.

    As for the question. I agree that a bit of all of the above is perfect. Though,I would love to see stuff about hair and make-up.

    You're a lucky girl, getting to meet all those cool people. I wish I had a little more freedom, rofl.

  5. Hi Ferlyn,
    have been looking at your blog for a while already..
    I would say your blog is very interesting.
    I would want to see you posting more about your daily life, and if you get back to japan, your student life there ^^


  6. Hello Yoshimi =]
    I'd like to see about daily life and events
    You are very beautiful! I hope to see more posts =*

  7. can we see more tutorials on hairstyling
    or can i be your disciple

    he he

  8. more on make up and hair !!!!!
    also where you bought your clothes etc lens..
    PLEASE. u are so cute!!

  9. Hahas. Well, this week is pretty hectic with school work. I'm so glad that it's going to be over :D

    Anyway, i would like to read more of the events coverage, your daily life and style & fashion (:

  10. Hey, thx anyway. Most bloggers don't take the time to reply comments, but you do! That's four thumbs up!

    I'll try to send another e-mail to the AFA staff again. They don't seem to be receiving the emails though, its my third mail already. :P

  11. Hey~!

    You poster was ripe off by some Otaku Looking guy.
    Even before my friend went in and wanted to ripe off the MMK's logo for her room. LOL!

    p/s: I lol-ed when i saw the post about the posters.


  12. Hi Hi ferlyn!

    im going to ikebukuro this winter!!! in fact, just next week!

    may i know where exactly is the shop that kaname is working at? cos il be staying in ikebukuro, and id LOVE to go check that shop out!!!
    omg! so exciting !!! :D

    btw, your blog is lovely on the whole! your daily life is really exciting! :) maybe a little bit of everything would be fine! :D

    love, alle