Wednesday, 4 November 2009

more MMK


Your daily dosage of Moe Moe Kyun~~~
*taken from Tomomi-cyan's blog*


Shoutout to dear Tomomi-cyan/Estelle for always mentioning me in her blog
Our super Moe Maid~~~

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I went to Best Denki to get new Electric eyelash curler. mine died on me a few days ago.......#_#~~
I'm using the
Panasonic Electric eyelash curler

thank god they're still selling it~!!!
Its retailing at $24.90

Since i'm in the make-up buying mood,
i went to the nearest Guardian/watson to go get a few more stuff (o^∇^)o◆◇

I got the Silky Girl Blusher in
04 Honeywood.


Its their darkest blusher and i absolutely love the color. its almost a bronzer but not to the area of bronzing powder.
it has a tinge of shimmer in it. but its barely visible.

Next is the Rimmel London
Gloss Max Lipstick in 002


(note... color here is not true.)

Never tried anything from this brand before. but i'm all for new things. the swatch i did was really pretty. i cant wait to try it on!!!!~~~

Last thing i got was the NXY

Expose U'R Eyes! eyeliner in
LE12 Bronze

I saw the price at like $10++ but when the guy at the cashier scanned
it became like $5!!!!

i paid $5 for a NXY eyeliner!!!!

WAHAHAHHAHAH~ *evil laughter*♪゛♪゛♪゛

not sure if that was the cashier's mistake or i'm really lucky or the wrote the price wrongly.
who know... who cares...

i paid $5 for a NXY Eyeliner!!! HEHEHEHEH♪゛♪゛♪゛

I suddenly feel very evil (´ω`)

Well, i'll do a look with all these products soon~~




Ferlyn Yoshimi


  1. wow.. so cute^^ +really love your hair. xx

  2. 私も同じホットビューラー使っているよ♪

  3. Great shoppgin!
    and omigod!
    You are so cute! You should be a model! You are amazing!!!

  4. kalai~~: thank you thank you~~

    Hitomi: えっ!!マジで?!?!(笑)やっぱり親友だねぇ~~

    Aralka: hey! yea i cant live without shopping! lol no girl can!
    hahahah.. you flatter me too much. really. but thank you. but i'm too fat and short to be a model @_@~~