Thursday, 5 November 2009

Tag Reply 5th november


Snowie and me~~~


Hayley: If you do come, let me know!!!

Pbb: Hi there~ you can get the harakuju lovers perfume at AFA 2009 from the 21-22nd nov in Suntec Convention and Exhibition hall. i think its around $35-40.

I'll be waiting ~~ (**^__^**)

Kiko: Do come to MMK and say HI~

Thanks for thinking that i've got good skin. but in all honesty, my skin really isnt all that good. but i do try my best to keep it in shape. i do use alot of products and of course cleanse, tone, moisturize and lastly, sunblock! ^_^~

i'm using my own costme ^_^~ its freedom of expression and the way i want to potray my type of maid.

I use a light brown eyebrow pencil and eyebrow kit to shade in the colors. i will try to do a tutorial on it soon.

Ami: its magic! women's magic: MAKEUP~!! haha i have pathetically small eyes. no i dont use double eye lid tapes anymore. those are my own eyelids. there are lots of ways to draw a small eye to make them big! ^_^

Thank you!!! erm you have to match your hair color with a lighter tone of eyebrow pencil. get a lighter brown one and a good eyebrow brush to fill it in ^_^~ like i said to Gh, i will try to do a tutorial on eyebrow soon~


Oh oh oh, i finally made a video!!! i'll post it up soon ok^_^



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