Friday, 6 November 2009


Against all odds...

i've finally started a youtube account and did my first video!!!!!


I have to warn you all first that the quality is really bad @_@~**
I have a really shitty webcam and mic....

A short intro to my first video tutorial~!! WEEEE~~~


So if you have the time please go check out my page and subscribe~!! or add me as a friend and please do comment on the videos. Let me know if they're good or they suck hehe.

Here's my page:


I did a super-quick Nude lip Tutorial like the picture tutorial before only this time in video format.


I'm so excited~! always wanted to do videos on youtube but never had the proper programs to do it.
but i guess with a lil luck, even someone as technology repelled as me could make it happen.

Its now 9am in the morning... and i haven slept yet. ZzZZzz (´Д`*)

So i'm off to bed. (i got no work today!!! YAY!!!)

Enjoy the videos~~

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  1. was wondering if u can teach we girls how to draw nice eyeliner like urs ?