Sunday, 8 November 2009

Tag Reply 6-7th Nov



Sausage: Thank you so much~ remember to visit us at AFA 2009!!

Cyrus: it sucks that you cant join us >_<~~~~ yea there's so many pictures to post!! so many things we're doing. we did another filming today~~~ cant wait for the event!! ganbarimas~~

Estelle: right!! quick go buy a mic for me!!! hehe~

aya: thank you!! YAY~~ hooray for youtube!!

ah kia : you mean for my hair?? i use alot of different curlers. i have 2 from vidal sassoon, the rest cant be bought locally in singapore. the rest are from Japan.

Brittaney: millions thanks for just having the thought of buying! LOVES *KISSES* they dont have baby?? maybe no one likes baby >_<~~ but yea save money~ ^^ Hayley: yay! finally~~ i'm so excited LOL. very retarded right... Seri: its just a different shade of eyeliner. i usually use it at the bottom waterline to give it a more caucasian pulled down eye look. its personal preference ^_^

yunnie: Thanks a million~ i'm so happy you enjoy the videos~ i'll try harder from now on! the moisture gloss, sorry! my mistake! its not available in singapore as far as i know.
i might try to ship them in from Japan once i go back ^_^

AHHH~~~ the highest compliment!! *kisses*~~ thank you!! but no, i'm actually very average looking. >_<~ Thanks for subbing! i'll try harder from now ^_^!! 応援よろしくお願いします VVV3: HELLO! i attended it with my best friend Geraldine~! did you see us there?



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