Wednesday, 9 December 2009

pedigree persian

I was working the other day and look what came by~~~

This totally cute Persian cat~~ ^_^
I love how its tri-colored with grey white and brown

By the way, this kitten cost the owners $3000!
talk about pedigree!

(the kitten wasn't very camera friendly @_@~~~)
Cant really tell from the pictures but
its totally like a toy you would find in a toy store!

its fur is as thick at my carpet!!!!!!!

I wanna bring it home~!!
(but my dog Snowie wouldnt be too happy if i did LOL)


Doesn't this cat remind you of

Gremlins Gizmo?!?!!?

LOL... i'm just saying.

(the owner beside me ^_^)


i'll reply comments from the previous posts on my next post.



1 comment:

  1. haha. grelims are just so kawaii cute cute!

    actually since the past, i find that you really resemble grelims. don't know which part but ur overall just reminds me of grelims but more like Smurfs..

    don't know why.. haha. how cute!