Thursday, 10 December 2009

Product Review: Silky Girl Blusher 04 honeywood

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Looking for a blusher that gives the


I found a budget conscious, easy application blusher that would give you exactly that!!


I'm gonna do a Product Review today on one of the drugstore brands.

Product: Silky Girl Blusher in 04 Honeywood

Price: $9.90

Avialable: Watsons, Guardians. (island wide singapore)




Color: Medium Brown orange, can be passed off as a bronzer but not overall bronzer

Matte or shimmery: its slight shimmery but its not noticeable.

Pigment level: VERY VERY pigmented.

Lasting power: Stays on all day. one application is enough to last at least 8hours


Super blush for budget wary shoppers!
stays on all day with only one application to last you through the whole day.

This blusher is almost the exact same shade as the model's picture above.
But, one thing to take note of is
the blusher is very pigmented and should be applied with a light hand.

Application method: Use a blush brush and pump the blusher on to your cheeks.
most probably its gonna be very harsh and heavy looking.
so buff it out and blend it nicely to give a more natural sun kissed glow.

The brush that comes with the blusher works fine but its best to apply this blush with
a bigger blush brush.
(i'm using Coastal Scents Large face paddle brush, you can watch my review here


Overall Review.

Wonderful Drugstore Budget concsious Blusher that lasts all day and
is super pigmented which means just a little product will go a long way.

Perfect drugstore good blusher for those who wants a "dupe" or cheaper alternative to the usual MAC, NARS blushers.

Its a great blusher for those who wants to mimic that amazing glow that shibuya girls seems to have.
Just remember to pair it up with a highlighter to give your face that extra glow.

The texture is amazing on your skin, just remember to blend and buff and it'll look incredible.

Only drawback is the lack of shimmer in the blusher. would be so much better if the shimmer power was more.

Rating: ★★★★ 4 stars
Budget-friendly, long lasting, super pigmented and for the pretty brownish orange color.


Let me know if you guys want any products you want me to review on.
I love doing product reviews~




  1. Hey Ferlyn! I clicked on the ads :)

    I like that blusher! looks so glowy

  2. hi. do u noe any makeup that can cover blackheads and pores?