Monday, 14 December 2009

what a gift!! + Comment Reply

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My BFF Geraldine is back from Tokyo for the holidays~
its been TOO long since we last seen each other.

I miss her so much that its impossible to pen those feelings down.
But to see her and talk to her again feels like
Christmas morning, warm and familiar.

I'll blog about us seeing each other again in the next post.

But when we met she's like

Geraldine:"here, this is for you"
Me: "Whats this for? belated birthday present? Christmas Present?"
Geraldine: "No, i know your into make up stuff and i just got them for you"
Me: "Omg, Thank you!"

Isn't she everything you can ever ask for for a best friend?
Not the gifts but the thought of just getting them for me ^_^~

So this is what she got for me.

Revlon Cosmetics~

Face Products:

Revlon Perfectory Natural Blush in (201) Ivory Velvet
Revlon Colorstay Mineral Foundation in (20) Fair/Light

Eye Products and Lip Product
Colorstay Collection

Revlon colorstay 12 hour eyeshadow Quad in (01) Copper Spice
Revlon Colorstay Luxurious Finish Mascara in (01) Black Flash
Revlon ColorstayEyeliner in (101) Black

Revlon Colorstay Mineral Lipglaze in (02) Lasting Shimmer



But no present can compare to having my best friend with me
for the holidays and christmas where family and people close to you are what the season is all about.

Check out Geraldine's Blog here:



Post: 1st December 2009 Comment Reply

Nick, Clari, Gene, Britinae, Kristy, Marcos, Anonymous, Alicia:
Thanks Guys! I'm so glad you guys not only visit my blog for makeup and style tips
but also take interest in knowing my life and what i do.

Sausage: Thanks for that! but i'm not that good to have students! hahaha but i'll keep making myself better!

Vin: Hey, you guys take time out to read my blog and even take time to comment. its courtesy to reply ^_^

Akimme: HEY~! LOL. Thanks one lucky Otaku!! I wish i was him! i wan my Chibi-Yoshimi poster!!

Alle: I'm so terribly sorry this reply took sooo long.
I hope this reaches you on time.

here's the exact address of Royal Servant
東京都豊島区東池袋3-9-9 明昌KSビル 3F

Tokyo-to Toshima-ku
Higashi Ikebukuro 3-9-9
明昌KS Building 3rd Floor

they operate from 11am-9.30pm


Post Youtube Coastal Scents Brush Haul

Vin: Its not that i'm shy or anything. i was actually speaking really loudly.
i think my mic wasn't working! i'm so getting a new one!>_<~

Anonymous: Hey~If i'm not wrong you can get them at Watsons/Guardian or
any drug store. I'm sure they dont cost over $20 ^_^

Anoymous: Yea, shipping is a killer @_@~
I got my recent hair dye at Goldwell studio.

Kidtoes: haha! yea i remember you.
Good one on getting 7pictures! haha~ hope to see you at AFA2010


Post: Happy Birthday Tomomi

oOgA: ^_^~ yea hahaha. got many laughing. Danny requested us to do that video again.
he recorded it once before but it mysteriously vanished. so we did it again~

djbalancecc: HAHA. it got me laughing as well!


Post: 4th December 2009 FOTD+OOTD

angel: i'm sorry but i dont think i will.
i think its easier to manage and reply comments with just the comments section.
i get to reply everyone easily and not miss out anyone.
everyone can check back in to see my reply as well~


Post: 9th December Pedigree Persian

Suzie: err... ok. hahah is that a compliment or sarcasm?? hahah
if its a compliment then thank you!~ i really like the gremlins as well. especially those ears!!

But i love the smurfs as well! little blue people~


Post: 10th December 2009 Product Review: Silky Girl Blusher 04 Honeywood

Rosanna: Thanks for clicking and feeding me!! haha. i love that blusher~

Anonymous: I haven found a good base or foundation that covers up blackheads well.
But there are many products in the market that covers pores pretty well.
but more than covering those large pores and blackheads, the best way is to treat them properly with cleansing products.


Post: 12th December 2009 Bring on the pink + FOTD

Marcos: Thank you very much~

xLeafClover: Thanks! I haven been doing much FOTDs lately though >_<




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