Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Tarot Card Reading

How's the week coming along for everyone??
mine is going great~~

Like i mentioned previously, my BFF is in town!!
and the day after she arrived we went out for dinner and drinks

Went to The TapasTree at Clarke Quay
Spanish cuisine is one of my favorites~ who doesn't enjoy tapas.


there she is, my BFF Geraldine~
I love her her new hairdo, the length the cut, everything!
she got a tan as well, she looks so much better and healthier with a tan.


There was a Bazaar in the centre of Clarke Quay and this caught our attention

Tarot Oracle Card Reading


Never really trusted Tarot Cards or fortune tellers and all that
but i mean just dont take it too seriously and have fun with it.

so Geraldine and myself just went for it

We were told we could ask 3 questions.
Anything we like, be it
Love, Life, Career, Family or anything else.



Geraldine went first and she got pretty good answers to what she was looking for.
Or i think she did. She's gonna have a good year in 2010 ^_^

What the Tarot Card said about me:
For me, it seems that the Tarot Cards believe that i will have a good year for work and career.
things are gonna be great at work and lots of progress in my career.

my love life is pretty much going to be non-existent in 2010.
apparently, i'll be sooo focus at work that i'll not be thinking about
BOYS @_@~;...

Great......... No boys next year.
i know who's gonna be happy about that... MY FAMILY. lol.


No but the guy was pretty accurate about most of the stuffs so
in all honesty, i'm impressed.
And if you guys ever wana have a go at Tarot Card Readings.
I do recommend going to this guy

Paul Dereira
Email: Strange.memories@gmail.com
Mobile: 92732293


Having not seen Geraldine for over a year now Takashi joined us after dinner.
And we headed down to check out SUPPERCLUB.



it BOMBED!!!
The place was hot and stuffy and the music was terrible!
But worst of all, the place was really rowdy.

but maybe we were just there at the wrong day.
Let me know if you guys enjoyed Supperclub.



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  1. Hi, i was jus wondering is your parents japanese as your surname is yoshimi and are you currently studying any course? diploma/degree