Friday, 18 December 2009

Serenity.Frozen Yorgurt

went out for dinner with Geraldine the other day.
We went over to vivo city hoping to catch Princess and the frog.

but..... guess what. smart us didnt realize that Vivo city cinema Golden Village
doesn't have Princess and the frog @_@~

so we decided to watch AVATAR but we bought tickets at Great World city instead.
Turns out, that was the best decision evar!!

Avatar was off the hook brilliant~! I did a movie review on it on my previous blog post.
if you haven't watch it yet, GO WATCH


anyway Geraldine and myself had dinner at another Spanish restaurant
Serenity Spanish Bar & Restaurant

its a nice cool restaurant/bar with alfresco and indoor sitting by the waters with a live band to fest up the place.

Its nice to just wine and dine with your best friend~ especially when we can only do this whenever both of us are in the same country >_<

After dinner, we went for something that both of us cant live without
Frozen Yogurt
@ OiO Frozen Yogurt

I got addicted to Frozen Yogurt when Geraldine introduce it to me for the first time about 2years back ina frozen yogurt store in Shibuya (near Centre-gai)

since my school was in Shibuya, i would go to get frozen yogurt after school at least 3 times a week @_@~
be it winter or summer.

speaking of winter,
i know i haven't completed christmas shopping @_@~ ZzZZZz



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