Sunday, 20 December 2009

Tag: Top 3 Fashion and Style Idol

Hey y'all

so i've been following Koakuma Chou (Siru)'s blog for awhile now.
and recently she did a post on her top 5 beauty and style idol.

I thought its a really good way to kinda let people know where your fashion and beauty inspirations are from.
So i decided to follow and tag that and do my own version




First is the undisputed ruling queen of Gyaru fashion
Tsubasa Masukawa

She's been my absolute favorite model in popteen and has been my fashion inspiration for the past few years.

one of the main reasons of her being my idol is her height.
she's the top model in the Gyaru world despite being 150cm/4ft 11 inches.
I'm almost the same height as her so she's like a personal Fashion-look-to

Also, Tsu-cyan is THE gyaru trendsetter, she creates trends and millions follow after.
Her trademark and of her earlier trends is the Knit-Cap that she's always wearing.
She accessorises like no one else!
Although she's now a retired model from Popteen, she still appears on Popteen as a guest.



The Rodeo Crowns & Surf Galサーフガール
and the model with the best short hair
Nana Suzuki

She's my favorite when it comes to casual Surf Fashion.
Think California girls but Tokyo-fied!

You'll always see Nana-cyan in checkered outfits with shoes and her trademark
short shoulder length dirty blond hair.

I love her casual and fun style and her hair is sooo cute!
if i ever chop off my long hair i'll want her hairstyle!



To round up the Top 3 is the Agejo Princess and hottest mama around
Momoka Eri aka Momoeri

she wears Magic Monroe dresses like no one else.
You cannot read Ageha magazine and not fall in love with Momoeri. she's too cute and pretty to ignore.
Along with Sakurina and Muto Shizuka, the 3 are my favorite Ageha models.

Along being a single mother, Momoeri also has her own shop
Moery~ which is one of my favorite shops around.



That was my TOP 3 FASHION and STYLE IDOL

I think this is a great post to do tags on and i really wanna see everyone's fashion and style idols.
Even if your not taged, you can do this as well. its fun to let everyone know who you look up to in fashion
Dont forget to link back to see everyone's posts as well.

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  1. I don't really know who these cute Japanese models are, but i think that Nana Suzuki looks like you!! :D