Friday, 22 January 2010

comments reply

its Comments Reply time again!
here is the collective replies on the last few post ^_^

comments reply

Yukimi: thanks girl!~

Anonymous: hey~ i paid no more than $20 for it, for about 20mins i think. umm... accuracy wise i guess its up to each individual how you perceive tarot reading. i took it pretty well but just dont get too caught up it in. it is worth going once though ^_^

Pbb: hahah! not before! i have acne problem up to today. i dont have good skin, i am like millions of other girls out there with acne issues. but you just gotta take care of it like how you would with other problems ^_^


FerlynYoshimi: whats in the name

Ruth: Hi Ruth, thats a really good question. but sadly, i have zero knowledge on schools in singapore. but i know of 2 friends that go to Ikoma. hope that helps. as for JLPT, i never took it once >_<. should i??

eddy: its up to you to decide. i've address this issue before ^_^

Kidtoes: sorry, i want to help but i dun wana screw up your name. you can try asking a japanese friend or something. their parents might be able to translate that ^_^

Hatake Harasaki: ooh thank you~ ^_^ i love my name as well~ add me on facebook~

Kyarameru: Hello~ yea i do get the ethnicity question ever so often. hahaha~ yea i'm pretty lucky that my chinese name converts into Japanese so smoothly. Hoki, thats fine. ^_^ i've heard worst

nana: thats a very interesting question to say the least. yes, i do use a spoon when eating ramen ^_^

Jan: as i mentioned earlier, sorry. i want to help but i dun wana screw up your name. you can try asking a japanese friend or something. their parents might be able to translate that ^_^


Koda kumi

Jiayi: me too!! Kuu-cyan FTW!!

Vin: that doesnt just make me happy, i'm overjoyed! i cant wait for it!


First date of 2010 with sozo

Cyrus: hahaha~ i don know if its this season's color but PINK never goes out of style *wink*
blog about it soon!! i wanna see!
hahahah work wise, well you dont wana see work stuff... its boring. ^_^


Tsubasa's Dolly Wink

Kanae: you can ship them in~!!

Anonymous: hmm.. it depends on how you see it. i think its reasonably priced for its texture and dexterity and they're so comfortable and pretty. i find them way way better than mac's lashes

Harasaki: YA! go get them quick!! they just told me that a few of the lashes have sold out already! one its first day of sale!!

Mandy: YAY for DOLLY WINK! go grab them quick! before they ALL sell out!

Amaya: no problem~! my pleasure! share the Tsu-cyan love!!

ユンウェン: ユンウェンさん、こんにちは~♪♪
みやけからポスターもらったぁ~。★ どうもありがとう!!★
もしまたイベントとかあったら是非是非教えてね ((*´∀`*))

Suki.Luna: hey girl! how are you?? yea do go grab a few pairs! they're really good.
not plaza sing though, its ngee ann city ^_^




  1. You sure anot,yours skin like no problem!@#$%$@! the way,do you use foundation,can recommend me?(:

  2. because what you said is different from what people from sgclub said. plus you didn't address this issue! you didn't say, " NO I DID NOT DO PLASTIC" nor "YES I DID"

  3. ehhh~~ sorry for the mistake! >_< but will pop by there soon~~~` <3

    ahh! been too busy in the recent weeks! omg! srsly wanna go on a break soon! >_< how are you yourself? just saw MYnT's vocaloid cosplay pics!!! LUKA IS <3



    Anonymous: my skin is definitely not flawless. find a foundation that suits your skin type.

    eddy: then i shall address it here, NO.I did not.

    Suki-luna: i'm good honey~ thank you!!