Monday, 18 January 2010

playlist in january

you guys should notice by now my playlist is back.
I felt the strong need to share this song with everyone.
Song that's playing now:
KANSHA by Wise feat May J and The New Classics.

I absolutely love Japanese Rap. Love Wise, M-Flo, Teriyaki boys and Mihimaru GT just to name a few.
I dont like gangster rap, i like rapping to be kept light and fun at the same time with mad attitude.

Here are some really REALLY good songs.
Check it out

Aenakutemo by Wise feat Kana
The Music Video features 3 popteen models
Embedding was disabled #_#

My Way, Your Way by BOA feat WISE

Jikan Yo Tomare by Azu feat SEAMO

Kibun Joujou by Mihimaru GT



1 comment:

  1. I love Japanese rap too!!

    loving M-flo n Soulja now..esp Let Go by M-flo x Yoshika, Miss You by M-flo x Ryohei and Rain by Soulja!!

    i always wanna sing these songs during karaoke but always end up making a fool of myself >.<

    will be checking out all your songs here :)