Friday, 29 January 2010

Popteen Magazine Horoscope 2010. Blog follower celebration

★★To Celebrate that my blog has now a 100 followers and counting,★★
here's a special post for everyone~

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Horoscope 2010



This year's focus will be on our [EYES]
Focus on perfecting the YELLOW and GOLD colors.
Challenge yourself in creating a kira kira and blinding image of the afternoon sun.

Eyeliner: Draw thicker and longer lines.
As much as you can draw your eyes bigger like the eyes of Bambi.

Key: Sweet x Spicy
with a Floral printed mini one piece and a bright color tunic,
mixed with a black lazer jacket to create a "sweet and spicy" look.

**Extra** try mixing bright X dark clothes thats unexpected but attracts the right luck ^_^
Accesories: Acrylic type of accessories

Mickey deco
Best decorations will be from neck up, so focus on Headbands, ribbons and
get mickey decorated hair tyes. Its lucky if you also do a little face painting

planned training will work the best.
There will be great success for training programs focused on the waist line.

GOOD LOVE DATES: March 7th ~ April 1st
You might encounter a "Love at first sight"

For a whole month starting 6th june, incredible things will happen to you that hasn't happen to you being in your life.

[Balance] is KEY in 2010.
Focusing only just on Eyes, focusing only just on Lips is a big "no thank you"
Put your life on the line in harmonizing your make up!

Choose your lucky color ORANGE for your eyes and cheeks, for a fresh and lovable look.

Be conscious in creating curved lines. Do your cheeks curved and your loveliness will be shown.
Do those and you'll be attracting guys wherever you go.

Key: Lovely, Hime style

Mix a soft pastel colored chiffon one piece with a fur coat or cape for the lovely look.
Bring out the gentleness in you and you can be Kawaii~!

Bag: Small size and cute.
Pattern: Heart, floral is the Best for Taurus gals
Accessories: Pearl type.

Strawberry deco

Strawberry handphone straps and strawberry labels(etc stickers) will be the BEST!
Also, if you add strawberry deco on your nails the chances of wonderful friends coming your way will be doubled!

To focus on having vegetables for breakfast and to control calorie intake from morning
will UP your chances on a successful diet plan.
For extra pluses, Do light exercises and stressing in the morning.

GOOD LOVE DATES: April 1st ~ April 24th
The destined fated guy will suddenly attack you with full force! True happiness for the Taurus gal eh!

OVERALL LUCKY DATES: January 5th ~ February 22nd
You might become famous or be rewarded with something or be chosen as a representative.
Good way to start the year!


The main point for Makeup for the Gemini gals in 2010 is to create and project a [凜とした] gal style.
[凜とした] style would be like a career women style.
someone who's quiet yet polite. Not flashy but Stylish.

Brown and greys are your best color to create the depth.
Skin Whitening will enhance the cool look.

Main Point is to create that flawless fair white skin!
So use those concealers to hide your flaws!

Key: Cute style
Pairing a Short pants with a furry mokomoko sweater to create the Cute Gal look~

Tops: Tops with Ribbon or Chain at the back is the best for Gemini gals in 2010
Accessories: Hats! Especially the knitted hats are in for you this year.

Diamond deco
Decoration item for Gemini in 2010 would be Diamond shape, kira kira decorations.
Diamond decorations on your handphone, wallet and cases would improve your Social Relations.

Decorating your Journal/Diary would make sure that you'll be full of dates all year long.

Its hard to find time to exercise so,
Best way for Gemini to slim down this year is to "Do leg lifting" exercises while talk on the phone
or emailing.

GOOD LOVE DATES: April 29th ~ May 10th
You might feel the wheels of destiny turning,
As you'll meet a guy who you have mutual understanding with and who's someone just like you.

OVERALL LUCKY DATES: April 26th ~ May 20th
These days are filled with fun and excitement.
Your just enjoying the days, hanging out having good fun


Makeup focus for Cancer gals in 2010 would be the [Innocent style] look.
Focus on using soft colors to bring out the childlike natural feel.

Cheek: Nothing too heavy, just light colors
Lip: Light almost nude colors like beige and pink. Corals would be best.
Fake Lashes: Long and curled lashes to accentuate those innocent eyes.

Key: Mature-Cute style

Cancer gals, challenge yourself with leopard print items to create a mature cute style!
Pairing a Lacy beige one peice with a Leopard print coat or cape would be recommended for
this mature cute style~

**your leg's skin color should be good so lets so nude with our legs!**
(no stocking, tights etc)

Shoes, accessories: Try things with animal prints

Pearl Deco

Lucky Deco item for Cancer gals this year would be Pearls.
Cancer gals born in June should go for the small pearls and
Cancer gals born in July should go for the Big pearls.

Decorating your portable mirror or your home mirror would
increase chances of having something interesting to occur.

Key point for Cancer gals to stay slim in 2010 is using
Aroma, scents to control your appetite and cravings!

Once presented with delicious food, cancer gals will always stick
her hand forward and grab it. In order to curb that, Aromas and scents are your best bet this year to curb those cravings!

GOOD LOVE DATES: October 10th ~ November 8th
SEX SEX SEX! this time is the best for SEX!
Go ahead and enjoy the sexual tension and just have fun ladies.
Couples might get married at this time as well. GOAL IN!

OVERALL LUCKY DATES: November 6th ~ December 4th
This period is BEST for lesiure. Take a long holiday and travel.


Make up keyword for 2010 is [FIRE].
Vivacious Fiery image that would bring luck to Leo gals.

Lip: More than usual, the lip should be darker and thicker and
Red is the color to go!

Eyes: Eyeliner should be used freely for both bottom and top waterline.
Get those "doki doki" big eyes leo gals!

Cheek: Go ahead and spam blusher on your cheek.

key: Cool x Kakkoi style

Pair up a half pants with a white t-shirt and add on a red belt
with red shoes for that cool kakkoi style!

Or match a Red Jacket with a Black jeans to bring out the STAR aura
in you Leo gals.

Bag: Shoulder bag

Heart Deco

Red Heart colored decorations would bring luck for Leo gals this year
If you decorate your handphone, your bound to have plentiful happy phone conversations
and text replies will definitely increase.

There are many Leo gals out there who are lazy so lets choose a easy way out for dieting.

"Slimming Machine" is the choice for Leo gals in 2010~
Specially the ones that are heavy on movements should prove twice as effective for Leo gals.

GOOD LOVE DATES: June 7th ~ July 10th
A really Handsome, cool, hot guy will choose you as his partner,
and everyone will be envious of you.

OVERALL LUCKY DATES: June 2nd ~ June 25th
You'll be presented with a exciting everyday in June.
some may also be able to go on their dream holidays as well~


Make up point for 2010 is [Light]
Bright Make up looking like there's a spotlight hitting your face.

For that effect use Shimmer products in all of your foundation,
eye and lip makeup.
Makeup that was change under different light is highly recommended.

FASHION & STYLE Key: Kira Kira Gorgeous
Light being the focus of 2010, Lets add that into our fashion and style as well.

Clothing that has shimmer, beads and Swarovski jewels to make your outfit "kira kira"
Adding in Mature feel purple sweater, skirt, knit one piece~
Shoes: Shimmer/Glitter shoes will be your choice.
Accessories: Gorgeous style accessories

Nico-cyan Deco

Power-up! for students who add Nico-cyan deco in their note,
pen case, dictionary and all other study materials.

Its a good year for outdoor exercising, so
"Walking" is the diet exercise for our Virgo gals

Be in going to school or having fun, raher than taking the bus or train
lets walk!
You can slim down and costs you nothing for it.

GOOD LOVE DATES: January 1st ~ January 20th
Love life will peak at the start of the year. Those who wants to get married might
meet the destined partners at this time.

OVERALL LUCKY DATES: September 10th ~ October 5th
Your popularity will be level upped at this time~
expect good results from school festivals as well.


Focus for Libra gals in 2010 will be [Mature face], the oneesan(older sister) style.
This year lets go a little simple and easier.
Brush aside the kira kira and shimmer makeup and go for the simple and natural makeup.
OL(office lady) make up is the key to bring you luck!

Key: Mature OL style

Pair a black trenker (seen on yui above) with a fitted mini-one piece and
a black blazer on top of that for the Mature style.
The point is to look like your heading to the office.

Accessories: Branded goods

Black Rhinestone deco
this year is the black rhinestone deco for our Libra ladies.
Black Rhinestone deco that are the gorgeous type and shines brightly are the best.
Luck UP if you decorate it on your lip case as well. You might meet a good guy ~

Its all about "Balance" for Libra
Avoid sweet and junk food and focus on beans and tofu. Food that has good balance will
work best for you.

GOOD LOVE DATES: January 1st ~ Febuary 5th
Lady fortune is in with you this period.
You might catch the attention of a really really rich boy around this time.

OVERALL LUCKY DATES: January 1st ~ January 17th
Everything will go your way and as planned.
You will also find victories in sports or matches


Scorpio gals are all about [Sexy] style in 2010
You'll be no.1 as long as you get your sexy on and show off your sex appeal

Lips:Sex up those lips with tons of lip gloss for the perfect kissing lips.
Eyes: wink up your eyeliner for those cat/animal eyes
Lash: volume those lashes to make sure the boys cant take their eyes off yo.

Key: Sexy Style
Show off your shoulders in 2010~
Something loose but when worn, it shows off just how sexy you are.
Your popularity will level up if you can find something that goes all the way to your fingers.
(seen on model)

Shoes: Knee high or below ankle.
Accessories: wine red items.

Rose Deco
Rose deco is bound to increase your luck this year!
Rose deco from your hair curler, brush, comb to your portable mirror
will definitely UP your beauty!

How to slim down for Scorpio gals this year?
Find a boyfriend or a guy you like and you'll sure to slim down.
If not, join a dance class.

GOOD LOVE DATES: February 14th ~ February 25th
Confession on Valentines day!
You might fall in to a crazy love like you've never had before!

OVERALL LUCKY DATES: February 20th ~ March 18th
You might win a Beauty Pageant.
Also you might be basking in the spotlight of something special.


Make up point [Mod girl]
challenge yourself with a cool looking eye look.
Eyeshadow: Khaki, grey and other smokey color palette.

Eye: Draw your water liner lower towards the end of your eyes
for the [Tare-me] look.
Plus, big eye make up to create that angelic flace

key: Fashionable cow girl
Pair a navy jeans with a fringe shirt and a mini animal print coat
would be your best bet!

Shoes: Ribbon High heels, knee high boots
Accessories: Small Clutch

Donuts Deco
School life would be UP~ use donuts pin or donuts hair tye~
Wear Chocolate donuts deco and find your cirlce of friends increasing steadily!

If your the kind that gets fat easily, its really hard to diet and slim down.
But, Sagittarius gals are very hardworking and motivated so
"Stick a swimsuit picture of your ideal body type on your wall" and
compare your body to it everyday ^_^
Sure to slim down in no time

GOOD LOVE DATES: June 7th ~ July 10th
Plentiful of chance encounters

OVERALL LUCKY DATES: January 30th ~ February 23rd
Its the time where your abilities are full force motion!
Your definitely to pass with flying colors if there is ever a test you should take.


2010's makeup key word is [sweetness].
your popularity will be upped with makeup that are as sweet as candies.
To have skin as soft and supple like marshmallows, base makeup is a must!

Lash:Your eyes should be round and big, just like the blooming of flowers
so, use long fake lashes for both top and bottom.
cheek, eye color: Pink~

Key: Elegant

Pair a WhiteXPink jacket with a mini skirt CHANEL suit for that
elegant transformation!
the waist is important so, remember to add a big belt to complete the look.

Accessories: Ribon Hair Tyes, Fur earrings
Shoes: Shoes with fur
Bag: bags with fur

Flower shape rhinestone deco

Cute flower, elegant carnation flowers are the best~
your social circle will widen and you'll meet unique friends
if you put those decos on your handphone.

Recording and Planned diet is the way to go in 2010~
Maintain a nutritional and low calorie diet.
Your skin will be pretty and lose way at the same time!

GOOD LOVE DATES: September 10th ~ October 4th
Your popularity with guys are at its peak! so much so that it'll shock you!
You might even have 6 guys coming up to you at one point~

OVERALL LUCKY DATES: January 1st ~ January 20th
Happy times where your wishes will come true~
Your dreams will come true if you put enough work to it!


Theme for makeup is [Pure Madam moiselle]
Everything will be set on having beautiful skin~

Foundation should be one with shine.
Face color should be thin but with added shimmer.
The focus is on shiny pika pika skin~

Lip: thicken the gloss~

Key: Winter wonderland

"Hood" is good for you this year!
Match a pink mokomoko hood top with a emarald green long muffler.

Accessories: Star shape, and wear it somewhere eye catching.
Legs: Leg warmer, tights.

Alphabet deco
Be it your own initial, boyfriend's initial, your favorite celebrity;s
anything is fine!
the bigger the better!

Going to the gym and doing real hardcore training is the way to go!
Drink water while doing them!
Do lower body exercise while watching tv or using your phone

GOOD LOVE DATES: May 1st ~ June 20th
Good partners will appear one after another, up to 3guys!

OVERALL LUCKY DATES: January 1st ~ January 27th
Gals looking for a job might find a really good job


Best makeup will be those that gives off the [Fairy] look.

White skin and take away the human vibe.
Gloss: Nude gloss.
But dont make yourself look like a sick patient, if that happens
put on a pink gloss.

**you want to create dimensions as well, so dont forget to shade your
temple and chin areas**

Key: Marine Navy style
Pair a frilly white mini-skirt with a blue palette jacket and a porter top
is highly recommended.

Bag, muffler: Blue
Accessories: Shell, pearl, cross pendant.

Hologram deco

Hologram seals, stone, Swarovski
Things that sparkle will attract people to you.
Nail, Necklace and handphone should be decorated and
your wish might just be granted

Bath time will be the best diet plan!
Soak yourself in the bath and sweat~ massage the parts you wish to slim down
you'll find yourself in your ideal body size in no time.

GOOD LOVE DATES: February 6th ~ March 29th
You'll be specially lucky before and after Valentine and white day.
you might have good chance with the school's no.1 popular guy.

OVERALL LUCKY DATES: January 18th ~ March 16th
Your going to be filled with happiness in this 2months,
your cheeks are gonna be tired from smiling.


Are you guys excited about 2010 after reading this?
I think its not necessary to follow everything or exactly, but it'd be fun to follow some of this, no harm right ^_^

I hope this helped everyone with the fashion and style insight for 2010~
I had fun translating.
i translated everything but it was too long winded to put everything here, so i just put the important notes here.

Stay tune for PART 2




  1. Hi Ferlyn <3
    Thanks so much for translating!
    It was very interesting to read :)

  2. Oooh the first one is Aries - that's ME! ^_^ Ribbons and bambi eyes sounds perfect! Nice post!

  3. Hello ferlyn!
    Thank you so much for the translation :D
    I'll be looking forward to part 2~

  4. Thank you for translating, it was pretty interesting to read!
    Guess I have to go buy some orange eyeshadow :)

    Also wanted to pop by to say I enjoy reading your blog ^^

  5. Thanks for translating all this, it's so awesome! I am a Libra, and actually they were correct about my Lucky Dates and Love Dates!!

  6. Nice! I am a Sag. I dunno about that cowgirl looks though, lol. xD

    Thanks for translating/typing all these!!

  7. wah! you typed all that out!

  8. Hey great translation here! :D:D Looking forward to walking as an exercise ;) btw, I'm a virgo :) keep this blog going!! =) cheers!

  9. Thankyou very much for translate it!!

  10. Thank you for translating all of that Ferlyn! It sure is tedious but i think all your readers(like myself) really appreciate your effort!

    I'd like to ask one thing though (Aries) - "It's lucky to do a lil face painting.. What does that mean? Is it like, shading/highlighting?


    Cheryl ^V^

  11. Hi thanks so much for translating! I always get the taiwanese ver of popteen so that i can understand the meaning but they're usually behind the japanese ver by 1/2 months. Can i ask,how many years have you been studying japanese? Did you self study or went to a language school? I've been trying to self study but i lack the perserverance haha =)

  12. Waaa you rock! I love Popteen horoscopes but honestly suck at translating them.
    Thanks so much! You're a leo aren't you? It'd be fun to see you in "fire" style! Hahhaha!

  13. thank you so much for doing this, i really enjoy reading this, you are the best!


    Mimi-milo: Glad you enjoyed!

    Kechiko: go try it out!!

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    naokichanslife: thank you for reading! ^_^ im glad u like reading my blog

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    Angel: check up on popteen magazines, the western(cowgirl) look is always in the magazine!

    Saeriann: MY pleasure ^_^

    Nellie: thanks! with u guys encouraging me! i'll definitely continue this blog

    Kanae: MY pleasure ^_^

    Cheryl: thank you! to hear that makes me really happy! face painting: using glitter or stickers on your face.

    12gatsu: no problem! my pleasure! i was in Japan for a few years and was in school there so yep. ganbare! persevere!

    P: thank you!! yup me's a leo! i will do a "fir" inspired look one day!! i wana see if it really brings me luck! hehehe

    Meogu: my pleasure! thank you so much!!!

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