Sunday, 31 January 2010

Popteen Magazine Horoscope 2010 part 2

2010 anything and everything Horoscope Ranking~


Horoscope 2010

Part 2
See how your star does in this Horoscope Ranking in 2010~

Q. Most likely to do well in a Examination/Test?

1st: Capricorn
2nd: Cancer
3rd: Pisces

4th: Aquarius --> Barely good luck to do well in March.
5th: Leo --> Get into a famous sports school
6th: Scorpio--> high points language paper
7th: Sagittarius --> Luck in your hometown school.
8th:Libra --> Medical, politics department good.
9th: Gemini
10th: Aries
11th: Taurus
12th: Virgo

Q. Most likely to meet with a good part time Job?

1st: Gemini
2nd: Aquarius
3rd: Libra

4th: Cancer --> Summer resort's part time job will be filled with fun~
5th: Pisces --> Fortune in Large blue chip companies
6th: Scorpio --> You'll find a good place during Spring Vacation
7th: Leo --> You'll find luck at your hometown
8th:Taurus --> Look towards internet advertisements.
9th: Virgo --> Look forward to being introduce to a job by a relative
10th: Capricorn
11th: Sagittarius
12th: Taurus

Q: Most likely to get Really Rich $$ ?

1st: Aquarius
2nd: Gemini
3rd: Libra

4th: Scorpio--> You'll find a rich partner
5th: Pisces --> Luck with lottery
6th: Capricorn --> Expect to hit jackpot in June
7th: Aries --> (sports) Professional Debut will earn you good cash.
8th:Taurus --> Find a rich boyfriend
9th: Sagittarius --> The novel you wrote will sell well in summer
10th: Cancer
11th: Leo
12th: Virgo

Q Most likely to succeed in Dieting?

1st: Leo
2nd: Scorpio
3rd: Aquarius

4th: Pisces --> Have high ideals this year~
5th: Libra --> Be serious and diligent and you'll find good results.
6th: Capricorn --> Increase in Beauty in this year
7th: Gemini --> Fabulous results in Autumn
8th: Cancer --> Always put yourself in front of the mirror
9th: Sagittarius --> focus on your lower body.
10th: Taurus
11th: Virgo
12th: Aries

Q: Most likely to make the most friends?

1st: Taurus
2nd: Capricorn
3rd: Aquarius

4th: Pisces --> Friends will increase because of a event in the 2nd semester of school.
5th: Cancer --> Friends in result of a Holiday trip
6th: Leo --> you'll find friends in Foreigners.
7th: Gemini --> more companions from your work place
8th: Sagittarius --> You'll make friends from the same hobby circle
9th: Aries
10th: Libra
11th: Virgo
12th: Scorpio--> Because you prioritize your boyfriend first, you might not
make many new friends this year.

Q. Most likely to have a Boyfriend?

1st: Scorpio
2nd: Taurus
3rd: Pisces

4th: Cancer --> you'll find a Big Chance on a Holiday trip
5th: Sagittarius --> Look forward to Spring vacation.
6th: Capricorn
7th: Virgo --> Begin on a Language course, it'll be good ^_^
8th: Leo --> Red underwear will bring good luck.
9th: Aquarius
10th: Gemini --> Victory in GW(golden week, a holiday in Japan from April 29 ~ May 5)
11th: Libra
12th: Aries

Q. Most likely to attract lousy guys?

2nd: Libra
3rd: Aries

4th: Virgo --> The worst guy will appear in summer.
5th: Leo --> beware of internet phonies, and be careful of "nanpa" guys on the street.
6th: Sagittarius --> Although the guy is lousy... you might not realise he is lousy.
7th: Aquarius --> Money minded guys will find their way around you...
8th: Taurus --> Be cautious around guys with sweet words.
9th: Capricorn
10th: Cancer
11th: Pisces
12th: Scorpio

Q. Most likely to be No.1 popular girl with guys?

1st: Scorpio
2nd: Pisces
3rd: Taurus

4th: Capricorn --> Popular amongst the school boys
5th: Cancer --> you'll be good with the internet kind of guys
6th: Leo --> You might be bought gifts~
7th: Sagittarius --> popular in January, February.
8th: Aries --> popular in June~
9th: Aquarius
10th: Virgo
11th: Libra --> you'll be attracting poor guys.
12th: Gemini --> although... you'll be popular with "ojisan" ...

Q. Most likely to have a "Destined" meeting?

2nd: Scorpio
3rd: Aries

4th: Libra --> Pay attention on the first half of the year
5th: Capricorn --> Meeting someone while out in town
6th: Aquarius
7th: Sagittarius --> June's a good month to meet someone
8th: Taurus --> Autumn might bring a meeting with someone.
9th: Cancer
10th: Leo --> Might meet someone at sports
11th: Gemini --> Might meet someone at work
12th: Virgo --> Attention to matching making parties.

Q. Most likely to fall out of love?

1st: Libra
2nd: Gemini
3rd: Aquarius

4th: Aries
5th: Taurus --> Your might might run away because of your procrastination.
6th: Leo --> fights, quarrels might happen.
7th: Virgo
8th: Sagittarius
9th: Capricorn
10th: Cancer
11th: Pisces
12th: Scorpio

Q. Most likely to get married?

1st: Virgo
2nd: Pieces
3rd: Taurus

4th: Scorpio
5th: Libra --> You might get married because you dont want to be alone
6th: Sagittarius
7th: Cancer --> you'll get married in a far away place.
8th: Capricorn
9th: Leo --> You'll just be happy that your boyfriend's parents like you.
10th: Gemini
11th: Aries
12th: Aquarius --> if you didnt get married in 2009, you most likely wont be for while.

Q. The Most Compatible Couple?

1st: Scorpio (girl) X Pieces (boy)

Scorpio (girl) X Scorpio (boy)

3rd: Scorpio (girl) X Taurus (boy)

4th: Scorpio (girl) X Cancer (boy)

5th: Cancer (girl) X Taurus (boy)

6th: Pieces (girl) X Cancer (boy)

7th: Pieces (girl) X Taurus (boy)

8th: Taurus (girl) X Capricorn (boy)

9th: Capricorn (girl) X Scorpio (boy)

10th: Aquarius (girl) X Taurus (boy)

11th: Scorpio (girl) X Leo (boy)

12th: Cancer (girl) X Pieces (boy)


That's all for the Popteen Magazine Horoscope 2010 from me~
I hope you guys had fun reading as much as i had time translating.

I know its not some news might not be favorable and others were great
but its up to us to make our own destiny~

but no harm in reading some astronomy help to lead you in the right direction ^_^

Have a good week everyone~




  1. Yay! I'm a pisces! XD Thanks for the translation! m(_ _)m I'm still learning Japanese, so I can only read some of the sentences. LOL.

  2. oh my!

    cancer's luck is pretty good this year!

    Thanks darling for the translation! :)

  3. Wow, thanks sooooo damn much for the translations!!!

    I'm a Leo, and yay! No.1 to suceed in dieting! Happy happy :D And oh, what are "nanpa" guys o_O?

    Fortune luck don't seem that good though ne...

  4. thankyou so much ferlyn~
    im a virgo,~ now i dont know if i should feel happy or sad about it...
    seems like im gonna have a hard time getting a boyf this year, hoho XD

  5. weeet!! pass my exams with flying colours please! (CAPRICORN FTW) xD

    minna, gambatteru yo~ (^_^)

  6. Seems like a lot of love opportunities for a Scorpio girl...hehe!

    Once again Ferlyn, thanks very much for translating! ^___^

  7. Thank you for translating this!^^ It's so interesting to read and my japanese is very poor xD


    Amaya: its ok! study harder! everyone has to begin somewhere!! ganbare!!

    suki-luna: yea!! lucky u!! haha

    Kyarameru: me too!! im so excited to get skinny this year! lets work hard together! "nanpa" is a term for guys that try to get girls on the street.

    Ruuchi: your welcome! dont worry we'll be best buddies...apparently leos has a 1% love chance this year #_#....

    Jiayi: study hard!!^_^

    Mimi-milo: i know!!! i envy u scorpio girls! yay u!

    Sabina: my pleasure!!

  9. Really fantastic your blog. I look forward to future posts.

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  10. Omg! Thank you soo much for translating! Im aries, seem like aries not doing well dis year, grrrr!

  11. Woah.. seem like scorpios will have one love filled year X 3 !

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