Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Majolica Majorca Blog Ambassador 2010

Hey Y'all

I've been obsessed with lace lately, they're so girly and sweet and sexy all the same!

Do you like the outfit?
After i wore this, i realize Jun-cyan wore a totally similar one in the Popteen February issue~
though her's is shorter and cinches at the hips.



I've got some real exciting news~

So i'm sure everyone's familiar with the popular make up brand
Majolica Majorca

One of the top selling make up brands in Japan and widely known for their princess packaging and wide array of color palette selections.

Late last year, i was offered as one of Majolica Majorca's Blog Brand Ambassador for 2010 along with a few other fabulous bloggers. How lucky can i get?!?!
Its a fabulous brand and i'm honored to be part of it and to tell everyone just how amazing this brand is.

Personal background with MJ (Majolica Majorca):
I have been using MJ products for the past 3years and never looked back! Was introduced to MJ while studying in Tokyo by my Japanese friends.
I've always loved their packaging, its always so perfectly put together and its so hime-pretty~
The shadow palettes are user-friendly and its versatile for everyday and runway,
amateur or Pro, Majolica Majorca is definitely for all.

Join the Majolica Majorca facebook fanpage:

Check out the Majolica Majorca website:


Majolica Majorca- Chapter 26
She Was A Doll


MJ's Chapter 26 is finally out and the bloggers were invited to the event launch of
Chapter 26- She Was A Doll

Chapter 26 is all about Getting that "DOLL" look. Those Big, Sparkly DOLLY eyes.

With 2 new mascaras that would create those DOLL like thick long lashes just like a fake lash.
and 2 Shadow Palette that gives you the glow and color of a Doll, fresh and innocent.

The event was really Doll-like innocently decorated, with wallpapers that resembles the room of a princess.
But check out the huge ornament on top that was flown in from Japan~ So preeetttyyyy


The event also presented us with the ddung dolls to remind us that this is a Doll room.
The ddung dolls were gorgeous~ they had the most perfect large eyes that every girl wants, and each of them had like the cutest outfits EVAR!


How can a Doll party be a party without
Frozen Yogurt
Frolick was there to provide us with frozen yogurt throughout the night~
they even had marshmallows and small pastries like macaroons to fill our sweet tooth~


Of course the event won't be completed without a
Makeover Session
I was there a little too late to do a makeover, but here's Huirong getting her pretty makeover


It was my first time meeting the other girls, and most of them are my senpai so i felt a little shy to go up to them and take pictures. But i did get a picture with the Fabulous NadNut


At lastly, a group shot with all the lovely blogging ladies
I really doubt that they need any introduction since they're the cream of the crop of blogging in Singapore and i'm sooo honored to be standing here with em~


**The In-depth Review for the Chapter 26 products will be out very soon!**
I want to take my time reviewing and do a more detailed one. I've been using the products and i'm very impressed! i cant wait to get started on the review.





  1. Hey, nice pictures!
    Since I expect that some of your readers (such as myself) are not from SP, could you please introduce these other lovely bloggers - their names, and where to follow their blogs?
    Thankyou so much, I love you blog ^^

  2. You went Tokyo to study before?!

  3. HEY!!! where did you get that dress!!! It's super cute!!! >.<

  4. yep same here i adore ur blog and was wondering where u got ur lace dress form its super kawaii.. =^_^=


    delicious afternoons: sure! here are the links ^_^









    Anonymous: yes~

    Harasaki: i got it i think from hongkong? i cant remember #_#

    Mi_MI: >_< sorry i cant remember. on the plus side! i saw something similar in bugis the other day i had my nails!