Thursday, 4 February 2010

Milly's (new) Bugis Outlet


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Milly's has extended!! and now has a new branch in Bugis Village.
Milly's is widely know in Singapore for their nails, hair extension, nails extension basically a one-stop Salon
I was beyond excited to sign on with the infamous Milly for a nail sponsorship.

beautiful comfortable settings

Choose from a wide range of nail colors


My time at Milly's

The new branch is huge! over 400sq feet big, i think it definitely hails as one of the biggest retail store in bugis village.

Gina~ the lovely manicurist was such a joy to have my nails done by her.
she was asking how i wanted my nails done and all and was sooo patient with me while i went on and on about the designs.

the staffs there were all very welcoming and entertain me throughout my time there.
Service is just excellent~~

After 3 1/2 hours of hard work from Gina, my nails are done!!!
Do you like it?

You can get my nails at Milly's, just tell them "ferlyn" nails and they'll do it for you.
Its $150 for the whole set, which is dirt cheap! considering it costs twice as much if done in japan.

I'm really impressed with Gina's work of art! i get the same outcome if done in japan.
The long sharp nails, black X gold and how its put togther is top grade!

I wana do a close up on these 2 nail designs in particular
both designs are very popular in Japan now.
1) the ribbon one is more lady and sweet and cute
2) the diamond crusted one is more mature, rock and sexy

I really recommend you girls to choose these nails designs and mix it with something else for that Gyaru nails!


hair extension service with a full range of color and even wavy extensions to choose from

Milly's Bugis Branch offers tons of services including

Hair Extension:
Braiding method
Clip on method

Full range Manicure.Pedicure
Acrylic & Gel Nail overlay and Extension

Eyelashes Extension
Eyelashes Perming

Waxing services
Paraffin Spa treatments


Don't forget Milly's ridiculously awesome Chinese New Year Promotion!

Just spend $158 and receive

A) Free 75 Hair Extension Strands ( Good quality ) **Hair extension is the braiding method which retails at $1 per strand**

B) Eyelashes Extension + 1 touch up
C) Hair Curler

Promotion is only valid for the first 888 customers,
make your reservation now Call 83835359 for appointment now.


Milly's new outlet at bugis Village Extension,
Level 2 @ Bom Bom street.
For appointment, call 8383 5395.





  1. wooot! kirei! :D
    most japanese do oval shaped nails now?
    heh, i prefer square though. xD

  2. Your nails are really long! They look great, by the way.

    How do you type on your keyboard/handphone's keypad without pressing the wrong keys? Also, how do you put on/remove contact lenses? I always get extensions but I can't handle extremely long ones.

  3. Nice, I like the one's with the ribbon

  4. saw your facebook wall
    i can't wait to see your make up tuitorial!

  5. hi! saw u at bugis at milly's shop u were taking picture of the shop(:


    Jiayi: hey! its all about personal preference ^_^ i love kuu-cyan and she's all about the long sharp nails! so does alot of models! depends on what you like~

    Steph: thanks! hahah for me, its about practice and getting use to! i've been having my nails done since i was 16. so i've mastered the art of long nails! haha

    EsdrasGrau: hey you! thanks! me like it too!

    Anonymous: wait a while more alright ^_^

    Anonymous: omg really?!?! haha singapore's sure a small place! say hi next time alright^_^

  7. Infamous Milly's? Rofl. Are you trying to say that they have a super bad reputation? Then why should we go there when you say that they have a super bad reputation?

  8. The Bugis Village store looks pretty professional. I guess that getting my hair extensions over three won't be cheap, but i'm willing to pay the price to get a good job done on my hair. Guys tell me that hair is the second most important thing for them, so i won't take my chances on that :)

  9. Do milly do rebonding/dye as well??