Sunday, 7 February 2010

i have uploaded another youtube video

I just woke up...been sick all day. got caught under the rain yesterday and now i'm paying the price with cold,fever and a throbbing headache..
i went to the doctors and have been resting all day waking up only to eat >_<


I just uploaded another youtube video
its just a update video and a closer look at my nails~~

*granted...the mic still sucks**
Someone help me..........

anyway, check it out


Oh, i'm soooo glad you guys found the popteen horoscope helpful~ i got lots of feedbacks and links back from other bloggers as they paste the post on their blogs.

You guys can go ahead and post it as well!! but remember to credit and link though >_<

Alright while you guys watch the video,
i'm going take my medications and go back to bed.

Wish me well~~




  1. Sad to hear you're sick =/ do take care

  2. do a gyaru eye makeup tutorial! ^^

  3. get well soon!!! (*^-^*)/~~

  4. Get well soon!♥

    I linked your horoscope post in my latest blog post, I hope you don't mind?:)

  5. Hey,
    can i know where you brought popteen magazine?


    Nick: thanks! i'm all good now!

    Anonymous: i will be soon! yay~

    Amaya: thank you!!!~~

    Ji: hi sweety~ thank you! im all fine now! yep linked it! be my guest ^_^

    Anonymous: i bought it from my local kinokuniya

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