Monday, 8 February 2010

Be right back~~otacool 2

My cold is all healed up~~ yay!
I'll be blogging tonight with a fashion/style blogshop post~
so stay tune for that ok!

In other news,
Remember my vocaloid cosplay submission for the sophomore otacool book?
Kotobukiya(publisher) chose 24 cosplayers to feature on the cover and guess what??

I made it on the cover of OTACOOl 2!!
how freaking awesome is that!?!?

Can you spot me?!??!

i'm flattered but very honored to be featured alongside 23 other established amazing cosplayers and i'm proud to say a few of them are friends of mine~ of course not forgetting danny choo the man himself!

Otacool 2 is really a celebration for cosplay around the world, whether you just started or you've been doing for 10years, its a common language that we, cosplayers all speak no matter which country we hail from~




  1. Danny is the only guy on the cover, haha. Looks weird, could almsot mistake him as a girl with short hair!

  2. Wait. Just noticed another guy that I thought was a girl o:O

  3. I saw you were on it when I saw the cover! Grats! <33

  4. Wow this is amazing,congrats~


    Hireshi: hehe! yup its Kaname and Danny~

    Saerianne: thank you!!!

    BabyMei: it is amazing! i'm so flattered! thanks!

    Vivian Rocks.: THANKS!

  6. Wow really cool! Congrats! Must be lovely to be featured on the cover...
    I think it's supa interesting how they place the pictures so symmetrically! Kaname and Danny Choo,
    and the direction of the faces along the columns.. hahahha.
    I definitely have to get this book! Cosplay <3!!!