Thursday, 11 February 2010

comments reply~~

hey y'all

I know i haven been replying comments!
i finally gotten around to replying all the comments!!

its on the post itself, so you can refer to your comment and see my reply at the bottom

here are the links for the comments:
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Blogshop: Palermo sin

Be right back. otacool 2

i have uploaded another youtube video

Milly's (new) Bugis Outlet

Majolica Majorca Blog brand Ambassador 2010

Popteen Magazine Horoscope part 2

Popteen Magazine Horoscope 2010. Blog follower celebration


MYnT: Miyake, Yoshimi & Tomomi

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  1. hi! i'm heading japan from late feb to march. could u recommend what clothes to wear? thanks alot!