Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Happy Lunar New Year/ Happy Valentines

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Recently i've been getting alot more emails from you guys asking about different stuff and also i got to know you guys on a more personal level.

so THANK YOU! do email me if you guys have any questions or just wanna say hi ^_^
my blog email address can be found on my profile on the side.


Happy Lunar New Year!
Lets have a FIERCE year of the Tiger~ time to strike your fiercest pose this year!

Have a prosperous year and may everyone be in the best of health and wealth!


I spend my chinese new year of course, with my family. Reunion dinner, red packets, drinking, gambling!
All the regular new years stuff!!

Lunar new yearfell on the 14th February which also happens to be Valentines!
so along with lunar new year


Hope ya'll had a great valentines and had a awesome valentine date~
its gonna be all lovey dovey so remember to use protection!!

My valentines was all i could ask for!
I had the air-conditioner turned on real high, hot chocolate and snuggling under the covers,

I was reading manga ALL NIGHT!!

really couldnt ask for more, between a guy and manga,
manga wins hands down~~ ^_^

So, i was reading "Hot Blooded Woman" and "キスよりも早く"~~
i have a obsession and fetish with "cool megane guys"-->(translation: a hot guy wearing glasses)
yeap, if your a cool guy and you wear glasses, you know how to find me *wink*

one of my top megane guys are "kyouya" from ouran high host club~~ *kyaa*
isn't he the hottest guy alive?!?!? *melts*http://i372.photobucket.com/albums/oo165/ryoma_1224/Ouran%20high%20school%20host%20club/OHSHC_0063.png

with that being said, i have to get to bed soon ZzZZzz..
Still got a full day tomorrow~ heading to Shawnie's house with everyone!




  1. Looks like you and I have the same obsession over megane guys. :D

    Happy CNY and stay pretty!

  2. YAY to cool megane guys!! hahaha you should definitely check out kiyokazu fujimoto from Kobato! <3

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    ElviRAHHH!: hehe they are sooooo irresistable!!

    femmefatale: i love him!! omg!!he's sooo cool!!