Thursday, 18 February 2010

Majolica Majorca Chapter 26: She Was A Doll Mascara

Majolica Majorca
Chapter 26: She Was A Doll

and this chapter introduces us to the Dolly Look

~~This chapter introduces a new mascara & mascara base~~

Lash Enamel Glamor Volume On
Lash Bone Black Fiber On
(mascara base)

As we know MJ releases new, improved and better mascaras everytime and this time round we have a base primer and a mascara.
I was honestly excited to try this 2 mascaras because of the theme Dolly Eyes, i knew it was going to be amazing and i couldnt wait to get my hands on it and test it out.
And it didnt disappoint for sure.

Let's break it down.

Lash Enamel Glamor Volume On

The designs didn't stray too much, one look and you know its a Majolica Majorca mascara.
The tube is black with gold trimmings and as usual the cap is emblem in gold with MJ's logo.
All in all, the packaging is gorgeous and girls would definitely carry this mascara around.

This mascara is BLACK! i absolutely love it!!
One application is all you need for that thick black long doll-like lashes
"Amazed" is a understatement to how awesomely black this mascara is.
It surpassed all other mascaras that i've used (and trust me.. its ALOT) with a big margin.

My lashes were pretty much done and ready to go by the 1st coating.
In fact, i only needed 1 coat and i was ready to leave~!

Conditioning & Treatment:
One other great thing about this mascara is that it treats, nourishes and conditions your lash.
with its ingredients containing Vitamin E and Macadamia Ternifolia Nut Oil,
the mascara conditions your lash to have it lush and soft.

Lasting Power:
The mascara holds very well and lasts all day.
It resists sweat and tears very effectively and my mascara stayed on pretty without running at all.
So being curse with oily-skin, i'm more than pleased about the lasting power of this mascara.

The comb is double-sided for 2 different application methods and effects.

For long and thick doll lashes:
use the side with "Thin Teeth" to add volume to each individual lash perfectly. It also gives an eyeliner effect.

To Add more volume:
use the side with "Wide Teeth" for more mascara fluid to be deposited on the lashes. It also separates each and every lash perfectly. This finish is like fake lashes!

Price & Availibility:
Retail price: $25.90
major WATSONS stores islandwide

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~NOTE: Available from 8th February 2010~~~~~~~~~~


Lash Bone Fiber On

Mascara base that coats each individual lash for maximum length, thickness, definition and density
The tube is gold with trimmings while the cap is white.
I love this packaging, the color compliments so beautifully and its soo elegant and princess-like.
The MJ logo emblem on the top just completes this royal touch.
Very MJ~ *2thumbs up*~

What i love about this base primer is the Jet-Black Fibre invented by Shiseido
what it does is it builds length, density and thickness to your lash by building length from the end of your eyelashes.

and whats best is its semi-black and the "fiber-like hair" is black so theres no need for too much mascara on top of this once you've applied this base primer mascara.

This base mascara really gives you that extra "ummpph" you need for your lash! **note: Fiber mascaras are fibres that attach to the end of your lashes and build length from the end**

Conditioning & Treatment:
Just like the Glamor On mascara, this also had nourishing and conditioning ingredients like Vit E and Macadamia Nut Oil for smooth and soft lashes.
I think its really important to always have your lashes protected and MJ covers that beautifully.

Price & Availibility:
Retail price: $24.50
major WATSONS stores islandwide

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~NOTE: Available from 8th February 2010~~~~~~~~~~


Here's my lashes with just 1 coating of the mascaras~
I'm so amazed by the length and density of my lashes~ Amazed is really an understatement to how much i love this mascara!!

(without flash)

(With flash)

This is the perfect combination for dramatic, long, thick doll-like lashes.
Both lashes works beautifully on its own.
But if you want those "Look at me" eyes that screams "omg! look at her, she's looks like a doll"
use both together and i sure you the guys will be falling all over you

I hope you enjoyed this review as much as i did trying on and amazing myself with these mascaras~
Go get your MJ chapter 26 mascaras from 8th February 2010




  1. Ferlyn, do you use any eyelash curlers to enhance the curl of your lashes? Maybe you can do a review on that! (It is pretty hot among Japanese women)

  2. That's a pretty good mascara. I love how it looks. It's like a wand. i would totally buy it

  3. What kind of contact lenses are you wearing? Why do they look different on each side?

  4. oh it looks beautiful! can you have a before and after mascara picture? i want to see how drastic the change is if you don't mind~


  5. your eyes are too big. a little intimidating.
    do you regret doing epi?


    Anonymous: Yep i do! im using the panasonic curler! its really good

    Ivie: its really good! you'll like it!

    Amanda: they do?? hmmm maybe its the lighting. im using CANDY MAGIC brown.

    mikan mimi: oh, i'll take one next time! ^_^

    Anonymous: hahaha must be because i stare too much. epi? im not using that brand.

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