Saturday, 20 February 2010

New nendroids

Hey Y'all

The submissions for Otacool 2 is over. Hope you guys did send in on time!
The selections are being made right now and emails have been sent out to the chosen ones for the book!

I hope you guys made it into the book!~♥♥

For those who already got the email from Kotobukiya, there's a bunch of declaration stuff to do!
better get them done soon, the deadline to submit back is coming up!

I just replied Kotobukiya with all the stuff and the declaration photo that you need to take with the otacool website

Better hustle ya'll if you haven replied yet~


I finally got my iphone a week ago~
i've been dying to get my iphone for months already, just never got done to actually buying it.

So mom accompanied me to singtel and got my iphone!! *booyah*

Added Vocaloid "Rin" and "Luka"nendroids to my figurine collections!
*thanks* *hugs* to Peipei and Shawn for giving me these 2 cute petite nendroids!!

Aren't they adorable????

Do you guys collect figurines as well???




  1. Hi babe,

    Congrats! :)

    How much did you get ur iphone for? ;)

  2. Hey where do you get all your nendroids from ?


    Anonymous: hmmm, i think i got mine for less than $200.

    Anonymous: mostly shipped from japan

    Lisa J. : thanks! i love my nendroids~~