Sunday, 10 January 2010

what's in the name??

Of all of the personal questions, i think this question ranks as one of the
top 3 most asked question

Why is your name Ferlyn Yoshimi??

I shall address this question once and for all.
My full name is
Ferlyn Paige Tan Jia Mei

Yoshimi is not in my full name but it is STILL my name.
My chinese name Jia Mei is written 佳美

My chinese name 佳美, so happens to be a very common name is Japan.
佳美 directly translate to Yoshimi, よしみ= 佳美

So since its a common name and its my name and its a really pretty name i decided to use it.
I dont introduce myself as Yoshimi unless the person is Japanese.

1) Its really hard for Japanese to pronounce my english name Ferlyn
2) Yoshimi is easier for them to remember
3) Its more relatable since its a common Japanese name.

most importantly

I lived in Tokyo and so living by the name Yoshimi is much easier as to having most of my friends with a difficulty pronouncing my name and making both parties feel awkward about it

and so.....
Together with my enligsh name
Ferlyn Yoshimi
sounds really nice~ so i decided to use that as my blog name

I hope this little QnA answered your question as to why is my name the way it is.




  1. Hi there, can you advice me where should i go to learn Japanese language in SG as i need to learn the language for my work.

    And also, may i know did you pass your JLPT 1?
    Thanks alot for helping :)

  2. cool. then did you do plastic surgery?

  3. Hihi, since my jap still sux,hope that u can help me with my name. How does 易达 translate to in japanese? Really ty if u can help me.

  4. hi ... I really think your name is pretty ... *if that's even a word to describe names* but ya! I think your name is cute and pretty ... and I hope we can be friends...

  5. Haha, i'm sure one of the FAQs you get from people includes your ethnicity too right? xD Actually i'm curious too, heh.

    And i kinda of envy you too, having a Chinese name that can be directly translated into a Japanese name :) Mine's turn out to be 'Hoki' or something lol, weird name :(

  6. did u use the spoon when eating japanese food in japan? hahaha...

  7. Hi (:
    Sorry to bother but do you mind helping me translate Sze Ying, or rather the chinese pin yin Si Ying; 思颖 into japanese? Thank you ^^

  8. ...we have a same name my name is Ferlyn

  9. Response to eddy.
    Check this out:

    Ferlyn at 17ish, so maybe she really did lipo to her cheeks and eye surgery. :) That's normal anyway.