Sunday, 21 March 2010

Nails for Tokyo by Milly's


I'll be leaving for Tokyo in 2days
I honestly cant wait to meet my BFF Geraldine and hug her real tight when i see her.
Its really hard to be away from someone you love so dearly~ im sure you guys can imagine how hard it is to be away from your best friend for a week, much less for me sometimes months and months apart.

In preparation for Tokyo, i went to
Milly's and got a new set of nails for Tokyo!
I saw a set of nail designs that Gina created on the display and i just had to have it done~~

And so after 3hours of hard work from Gina~

I got Gina to make this set extra long, everyone in Milly's was complaining about how difficult it'll be to do things with such long nails.

There really isn't a problem doing things with long nails
you can do everything normally~ wearing contact lens, make up. nothing is harder than it is before.


I really enjoy getting my nails done at Milly's
its always a 3-4hour process but its never dull. Gina, Jom and Huiqi make really good conversation buddies~
We get along really well and laughter can be heard throughout the 3-4hours when i'm there.
i even had dinner with all of them after i got my nails done.

Visit Milly's at:
Milly's new outlet at bugis Village Extension, Level 2 @ Bom Bom street.
For appointment, call 8383 5395.



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