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Popteen March spring 2010 Hair Colors

Hey Everyone~

yea i'm still sick but i feel bad leaving you guys hanging.
so i decided to do a quick post on

Popteen March 2010 Hair Colors

Spring always introduces us to new and warmer hair colors.
This spring is no different.

"This Spring, the boom for Darker Hair colors has finally reached the Gyaru world" Dark colors that shows off the elegant face and your hair will look prettier in darker tones.

[Mesh Color, Ash tone and Red color group
--> is the main key color points for Spring hair]



Yui-cyan's New Hair color is
"Dark Maroon"
Its a mix of Maroon Beige.

Points of Dark Maroon:
*Elegant Look
*Because of the Framing, impression like you have a small face!
*Get the Mature-Kawaii look!

Marimo-cyan New Hair colors is
"Bitter Chocolate"
Tweak toning with Ash-Brown

Points of Ash Brown:
*Hair will look extremely pretty and healthy
*Features on face will be shown easily
*Small face and Mature looking.

Miki-cyan (Top Left) New Hair Color is
"Venus Gold"
pull out the colors with Ash Violet

Points of Venus Gold:
*Features of Eyes and Nose will be distinct and clear.
*Even when the color fades, it would not fade into a ugly dirty color
*Mature yet calm serene look

Yui-cyan (bottom left) New Hair color is
"Red Mesh"
All over Pink Violet and on the inner and outer cover with Dark Brown Low-highlights

Points of Red Mesh:
*Look more mature and Cool
*With the low highlights, it helps gives off impression of Small Face

Eri-cyan (Mid right) New Hair color is
"Moonlight Mesh"
After level up of toning, deepen the matt brown color into the hair.

Points of Moonlight Mesh:
*Glossy luster color brings out the healthy and pretty hair.
*Mature and Elegant
*Will match will any kind of clothings

Son i-cyan(Top Left) New Hair Color is
"Rocker Spicy Red"
After Bleach, cover hair with Red. Slowly the pink and orange will fade and the
color will be 3times nicer

Points of Rocker Spicy Red:
*Get the Rocker chick look
*Even with the simplest clothing, you will still stand out.
*Mature look

Nana-cyan(Top right) New Hair Color is
"Dolly Sweet Color Chocolate & Honey"
After bleach, color in Copper brown.

Points of Chocolate & Honey:
*Distinctly shows the features of face
*Very popular with boys!
*Glossy and lustre hair that gives off the Dolly look

Misaki-cyan (Bottom right) New Hair Color is
"2 tone Ash"
Bleach only at the bottom, then color the whole body with Ash Purple
to achieve the 2tone.

Points of 2 Tone Ash:
*Best for Monotone co-ordinate outfit
*Twice as Cute when hair is curled
*Will match with any kind of clothing


I personally like Nana's Chocolate honey, Miki's Venus Gold and Morimo's Chocolate red.
I recently dyed my hair~! right before leaving for Malaysia.

Will show u guys my new hair color soon!

Hope you enjoyed the POPTEEN SPRING 2010 hair, fashion and makeup posts!




  1. Whoa they're going dark!! I prefer the lighter colors ..

  2. The venus gold is my favorite! It's so gorgeous :D

  3. Chocolate honey has GOT to be the cutest!
    I'm going ash blonde next after my 'venus gold'(ish) colour grows out.. My hair might look like 2 tone ash after a few weeks or so... xD

  4. i am guessing you chose venus gold!
    he he!

  5. hey sweetie! Just wanna say thanks for translating these pages, they're really helpful!

  6. Crazy to see the trends going darker at long last...just when I was starting to get bored of dark hair :P

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    sophia: i like em both! i really like the black haired gyarus as well

    Jini: it is! its soo pretty!

    Rinni: i love em all~!! did you get your hair color changed?

    Sausage: you can see one of my latest posts if i did or did not choose venus gold ^_^

    Anonymous: my pleasure~ glad it helped

    Charlotte: hahahah! im happy to see change!

    Anonymous: im sorry i've never taken japanese classes in singapore. i'm not too sure myself where and what's good. have you tried online sites?

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