Sunday, 18 April 2010

A bunch of randomness and a certain resemblance?!

Let me just let loose a bit on what's been on my mind~~

A few days back i had a harmless dream that included actor/singer "Wu Chun"
It had no sexual context, he just popped into the dream right before i woke up.

It was soooo completely random, Wu chun hasn't been on my mind since
i last went to the theaters to catch "14 Blades" with my family.

I googled Wu chun the next morning and was reminded of how bloody hot
Wu Chun is. He's boyish looks and perfectly toned arms and abs is soo drool worthy.
You wouldn't have guess that this pretty boy is turning 31 this year, i could pass him off as 23 year old anytime.

Guilty is charged, i started watching the taiwan version of "Hana Kimi"
which starred Wu Chun as the male protagonist of the show.

And to be honest, its hard to compare this version to the Japanese one. both are really good and the taiwanese version is really funny espcially with Jiro wang as the ever comical "Nakatsu" . Ella is just too adorable as the female protagonist "Ashiya".

Wu chun isnt the best actor in the world, but he's definitely the hottest " Izumi sano" eva~~
I cant for the life of me find a single flaw in Wu Chun's face!!


I honestly had this thought when The 2nd Dormitory head Nanba Minami came on..
"WTH is Yamada Ryosuke doing in this film"

This is Yamada Ryousuke

and this is actor Danson Tang who's also "Nanba Minami" senpai.

The resemblance is undeniable! they look sooo alike! and Danson has the same charisma that Ryosuke brings to the screen. If your wondering how Ryosuke will grow up to be, i think we found it~



Miyake was at Milly's getting her nails done with Adriano a couple of hours back.
They were browsing through a issue of the popular "Nail Up" magazine and..

Miya tweeted this
""Adriano say for 1 moment he thought this is @ferlynyoshimi"

♥ ♥ Big hugs and Thank you's to Adriano ♥ ♥ for this insane compliment~~
I'll work hard to be pretty like the model~~
Adriano must be referring to this picture that was from MYnT's photoshoot a week ago

I do see the similarities in the hairstyle, accesories and pose~
But definitely not appearance wise, the model ( i forgot her name ><) is soooo darn pretty!!~ Its crazy to compare me with her but i'll work hard to be better.





  1. look quite alike! omg i thought it the model was you as well!

  2. Hi hun~ Hope it's ok that i add you! Keep it up~

    Wu Chun sure is bloody hot~ And i agree on the part that he isn't really the best actor ever but he's one of the most gorgeous once for sure! :)

    You're so pretty~!

    C ya Huggles*

  3. Haha You're so pretty~! I think its crazy NOT to compare you to the model! After all these models and you all look alike.. same hair, same style, like dolls from the same factory.

    You can't tell them apart. Just like barbie doll you just replicate all and they all look gorgeous. Ain't I right?

  4. OMG I love Wu Chun!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. YAMADA RYO!!!!!!!
    *noms*~ o^-^o


    ★bettyy★: ohhh~ thank you sooo much for that compliment!

    ★About me Aweedee:) ★: thanks for adding me ^_^
    Yea~ he's gorgeous!

    ★Anonymous★: hahah! thank you so much! thats a very interesting way of explaining things.

    ★Anonymous★: he is love worthy!!

    ★Ruuchi★: hello Ruuchi~~ he was in a 3person unit with Chinen and Takaki yuuya. 髙木雄也と中間たち. they performed on music station a few days back.